Umineko no Naku Koro ni, Episode 3-3: Positional Play

As the first twilight is about to be fulfilled, Beatrice’s teacher appears, in order to stop her disciple.
Because of this, Battler is totally confused about what is true and what is not. Even though everything seems to be settled, an invaluable hint will make his will anew.

In a nutshell:
Beatrice’s teacher appears before the golden witch and her furniture, decided to take back her name and powers she bestowed to her pupil. Unwilling to do so, Beatrice starts a fight with her, which takes bigger proportions than any sister of purgatory could imagine.
In the end, Beatrice is literally skewed by her teacher’s spears, gungnir. As she attempts to return Beatrice to her form she had before being an Endless witch, Beatrice nonchalantly asks her teacher to do that instead. Much to her surprise, Beatrice’s teacher is in fact skewed by spears. In truth, Beatrice summoned 4 towers instead of 2, which killed her teacher way before she could be touched. In the end, Beatrice simply revived her teacher for an instant, in order to continue the game.
Back in the meta world, Meta Battler is utterly confused, arguably stuck with such fancy show presented to him.
On 5th october, at 6AM, the adults are still discussing regarding the whole deal with Beatrice and her letter. As they covered all the possible situations regarding this new guest, the adults decide to leave for breakfast. However as they step out of the dining room, they notice an awful stench in the corridors. Natsuhi quickly notices something weird with the door of the parlor: there is a big magic circle on the door. As Kyrie and Rudolf arrive, they notify the rest that this symbol was present on the boiler room door as well. However both that door and the parlor’s are locked. Rosa, Kyrie and Hideyoshi then check the children while the rest of them scout around the mansion.
Weirdly enough, Kinzo and servants are missing, several rooms have their door locked with a magical circle and their respective keys are missing to boot. On their way back, Hideyoshi’s group notices that Shannon is in the parlor, but no matter how they try to get her attention, she doesn’t move. Everyone gathers outside and breaks the window, but as they get in, they realize that Shannon is dead.
In the meta world, Meta Battler is still affected by this brutal magical show, unable to think about anything but loss. Suddenly, Beatrice’s teacher appears. Although Meta Battler is quite doubtful about her sense of magic, she starts mentioning japanese magic, the rain ceremony. As Meta Battler argues it is just an updraft caused by fire, allowing clouds to gather at one spot, she mentions this was however considered magic before the principle was found and explained by science. Then, she claims some gremlins are actually lurking in TV braun tubes, using magic to create images. Of course, Meta Battler doesn’t believe it one bit, but she mentions that while both claim different theories regarding the tube, they would just need to open it and see in it. So long they do not check the said tube, their respective theories can be considered as truth.
Amused by this ironic situation where he receives help from the entities he is trying to deny, Meta Battler asks the name of his new ally: Virgilia.
Meta Battler makes his come back before Beatrice, and much to her surprise, the young man completely ignores the whole fancy fantasy show, arguing that the garden is pretty much normal, bearing no traces of that battle. Beatrice recognizes it as the shrodinger’s cat box, and can’t help but be frustrated to see her teacher helping Battler.
In the gameboard, the adults decided to shelter themselves with the children in the guesthouse until they can contact the police.
In the meta world, Meta Battler acknowledges that he has to suspect one of the 18 because of Beato’s red. Thus, he asks virgilia a reconstruction of the first twilight.
The whole massmurder is a link of 6 closed rooms, merging into a large scale one.
Meta Battler wonders if they were killed by a trap, but it is denied in red.
As their deaths are confirmed, Meta Battler wonders if the culprit isn’t among the 6, speculating that the murderer killed the other 5 and commited suicide afterwards. Because of this, he asks Beatrice to repeat in red that “all of the 6 were killed by other people”.
At first reluctant, Beato’s claim in red that none of the 6 commited suicide. Puzzled by this hesitation, Meta Battler is however encouraged by Virgilia not to be tricked by Beato. And indeed, he realized that she didn’t repeat his demand in red, but changed it to suit her. Therefore, it is “just” isn’t a murder or a suicide, but perhaps an accident.
Beatrice is about to break this theory with her red, but Ronove cuts her short, asking for a strategic meeting.
On the gameboard, the adults are very tired but still try to keep their awareness. As Eva is slumbering, her young alter ego presses on the riddle. Although Eva doesn’t have any clue, she realizes that the sweetfish river might not be taken properly. Curious about that, she goes to the library of the guesthouse and found a book that she needed and realized she found out the key of the Golden Land.
Very soon, she is in a weird underground passage and as she enters in a very decorated room, a large amount of gold is piled before her. Beatrice’s gold has been found.


Overal Thoughts:

I was pretty pumped up due to the very good start Episode 3 got, especially with Episode 3-2. However, 3-3 was… rather disappointing to say the least.
For starters, the following rant has no real impact on the franchise whatsoever, since it is only just fancy fantasy, so it doesn’t take off the actual essence of the series. However, I believe the whole witch fight was rather poor, which was made for readers’ entertainment.
The problem isn’t of course the length: it would have been detrimental to the episode if it was anything longer. However, it seems the producers had a very bad budget balance as: while the towers looked nice, the rest (especially the witches animation) were terribly subpar.
To begin with, I think they made change that don’t make sense with what the characters say. I mean: why would virgila hurls several spears, while Gungnir is unique? Likewise, why would Beatrice impale Virgilia with the same spears? They have different magic, but heh.
The other odd point was that the spears were basically destroyed/disappearing upon contact with Aegis… it doesn’t make sense with Ronove “avoided” comment. I think it would have been much less awkward if Virgilia threw 1 single giant spear (gungnir) and both giants shields and the spear bounce off before contact which is actually the true result of a paradoxal issue (the immovable object and the unstoppable force), further explained by the “gods’ taboo”, by Ronove. In fact, it would have been less awkward if they just didn’t include Ronove and Belzeebub comment if they wanted to keep this way.
Also, why “smothered mate” at that point? Considering Virgilia, you wouldn’t call a “mate” if you aren’t sure completely that it is over. So what it is? A fake checkmate? ^^”. Actually they could simply put smothered mate at the point she really did, so when she is floating.
Finally, while I will ignore again the ugly efforts done for Beato’s being skewed, something was a bit more annoying me here: the fact Beato stomped on Virgilia’s head.
I think every anime watchers know already that Beato is hardly a nice woman, pretty much cruel and all. But was it necessary? I doubt so, especially that in the VN, Beato was still a bit humble, arguing that if she didn’t use this trick, she would have been dead. Furthermore, she asked Ronove to take care of Virgilia’s corpse as, she is her teacher after all, she she has to give due respect. That’s the total opposite which just makes me wonder why they put unecessary extra stuff (like I said many times in my articles: I don’t mind if changes are made for a better transition or shortcut, but changes that give nothing but a different element just don’t work here).
At least, I’m glad they kept
あかいくつ偽 (red fake shoes), the original BGM of the fight, though they again remixed it, for weird reason.

Anyway, witch battle aside, it was good to see Battler totally in despair due to this ridiculous fancy show, then powered up by Virgilia’s wise words. By this definition, it should also spark a proper “tool” for anime watchers to understand Episode 2 now: since the magic portions are “theories regarding the events of what happened”, there is an official answer that all magical stuff so far were bullshit.

That said, the content was extremely shortened as DEEN simply cut completely the adults’ talk regarding the riddle: this is the central point for the “gameboard” world, and probably the key mystery regarding the culprit. Thus, why removing the discussion altogether? It just makes even less sense for anime watchers who are already stuck with the bare minimum. Now, without the adults output (which is important as they know Kinzo’s backstory), it is much harder to understand the epitaph.

As you can see, I wasn’t impressed by this episode… even though they didn’t screw that much with Meta Battler and his progression, the rest has much left to be desired.
If you count QUALITY shot such like this one (… Rudolf looks like he is a quarterback with a shunk head…) and many silly stuff, I think they really need a much better organization for the budget, period.

Considering the lack of information in 3-1, the dual analysis will be about 3-2 and 3-3… It “shouldn’t” be as belated as the recent articles, hopefully.

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