The Day Animesuki Decided Oppressing A Voice Was More Important Than Accomodating All Viewpoints

Well it finally happened, I’ve been permanently banned from Animesuki after all of these years for refusing to abide by what I felt was an arbitrary and unfair moderator condition and sticking to my guns of trying to be an honest, fair and progressive poster.  What exactly was the condition I refused to follow and felt it was more important to put my voice and opinion ahead of people might ask, well this is the last message I received from the moderator who has appeared to have it out for me quite some time:

Kaioshin Sama,

Quote: Originally Posted by relentlessflame
I am giving you two choices:

1. You can agree to stay away from all Kyoto Animation and Key-related threads and sub-forums on the Forum, and resist any temptation to be a Sunrise defender either in threads or through rep. You could still participate on the forum, but would exercise voluntary restraint to keep yourself out of trouble.

2. You can receive a deserved two-point infraction for your recent baiting posts that will result in you being permanently banned from the forum.

Please take some time to consider your decision. If you choose the first option, please note that any subsequent failure to comply will be taken as an indication that you choose the second option.

The conditions were quite clear. You already caught yourself once previously in the thread, and deleted your post voluntarily, so I don’t think I can believe that you “just forgot”. I’m not sure if you believed that your new “position of casual curiosity” and your claim to be “not trying to offend” would cause me to somehow change my mind. But that was the exact same thing you tried last time too, and I already made it crystal clear: you’ve played this card way too many times over the years for anyone to believe you now. After so many dozens of warnings and infractions (this is #38!), I will not go back on my word.

I wish you the best wherever your journeys take you. Farewell.

AnimeSuki Forum Admin

What was this startling infraction one might ask that caused such a fierce reaction from relentlessflame.  Daring to shirk such an arbitrary condition to insist that it is unreasonable to come into a thread insisting that a show is “moeblob shit” at the same time that it is unreasonable to insist that there is a “right way to watch Kyoani shows”.  In short I argued what I felt was the reasonable approach of treating others opinions with respect as well as to plead that people not nail me to the cross for it yet in ironic twist this is exactly what happened.  I suppose my mistake in all of this was interpreting “You could still participate on the forum, but would exercise voluntary restraint to keep yourself out of trouble.”  as an okay to still post in these threads as long as I was careful to not break any rules, though to be perfectly truthful I still don’t understand why I should be so restricted in my posting if I’m just trying to dialogue with people without malice aforethought and express an opinion that people should get along and not be so entrenched in their hardened viewpoints like I once was.  This too I suppose was my mistake in the end, but a little more on that later.

To those who made my time at animesuki a fun ride, Vexx, Reckoner, Triple_R, Guardian Enzo, Archon_Wing among others, it was a blast.  You were all class acts and I treasure the conversations we shared together and regret that one moderators stark and accusatory opinion of my intentions had to result in it ending this way.  Relentlessflame seems to have wanted things his way and refused to see any viewpoint or to be able to put himself in another’s shoes to the very end despite preaching otherwise, but to be honest I don’t hold hard feelings so much as disappointment that this is how things had to end.  I don’t feel this solves anything and while I suppose it’s a conflict of interest to say so me being the accused and all I feel it only punishes the idea that reconciliation and atonement through words and actions can be achieved and upholds the idea that it’s better to keep people that have had a trouble past apart rather than allowing them to over time resolve their differences and misunderstanding through dialogues as respectable and mature adults.  If I do have one regret it’s that I could not prove to this individual, despite my best efforts that I am not the monster he made me out to be and that I truly was trying to make amends for the poor treatment I had given the Kyoani fans, but that in doing so I refused to compromise my own opinions.  This I will perhaps consider in time to be my greatest failure as a poster on Animesuki.

That said I’ll perhaps be making so occasional posts here again if people from AS who might come across this still wish to chat with me.  I’d be more than happy to continue our productive conversations an a location where I don’t have to feel the weight and oversight of a mod staff that does not seem to like the way I conduct myself.

Farewell Animesuki Forums

Kaioshin Sama

45 Responses to “The Day Animesuki Decided Oppressing A Voice Was More Important Than Accomodating All Viewpoints”

  1. 1 FlavoryFantasy December 5, 2012 at 5:27 am

    Ah so that’s what had happened to you.

    Now I know we haven’t really exchanged much at all. But I’d like to note, that I had enjoyed reading your posts on AnimeSuki, I had personally found them quite insightful. I thought you had a very interesting and compelling stance on shows (and genres). Opposite to mine personally, but most of the time I found it respectable. As opposed to others who had a some what similiar stance, but portrayed it in a fairly disrespectful manner of the sort I guess…

    I was somewhat aware of your ‘history’ with KyoAni shows and what not. For the most part though (or as of recent months I guess) I found your opinions more or less acceptable. It is a shame relentless seemed to have kept/held a jaded view against you from past experiences…

    I don’t really know too much about you really, just that I really did enjoy seeing you present/argue things the way they did. Sometimes discussions did feel slightly stale there, if say someone like you wasn’t there to express their viewpoints.I guess I also understand your views on how mecha anime is declining which is extremely saddening. I’m still trying to work through backlog of some of the older mecha’s that have caught my interest for some time, yet I just don’t have the free time I wish to view them.f

    I’ll be honest though, when I had first read some of your posts sometime in 2009 to 2010, I thought you were a person extremely difficult to please. Though maybe that’s for the fact that I only saw a handful of posts then on a couple of shows. =P I’m glad though that I did read more of your posts, as they did bring in a fresh new perspective for me, which added on to my enjoyment for some series, even though it was quite the exact opposite. Heh.

    …Now I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t have come across this if I went to the latest BD/DVD ranking thread in MAL and saw some posts from you. Since you were posting there, and ‘banned’ on AS, curiosity lead me to your profile there, and then to this blog of yours. (apparently I’ve visited it a few times, don’t even remember it…)

    Not much else to say…but I guess I’ll enjoy visiting this blog since I don’t have anything against you! (plus conflicting viewpoints & stances are something I do enjoy for whatever reasons…)

  2. 2 FlavoryFantasy December 5, 2012 at 6:01 am

    Ah…maybe I should have navigated a bit more on the site. Now I definitely remember coming here on a few occasions. Though they were more for Klashikari’s JE posts, than yours. (no offense though – I was just still a bit interested in detailed con posts/reports. heh)

  3. 3 Vexx December 18, 2012 at 9:24 am

    I’m not …. terribly amused that you got p-banned yet flying still prances around alive when he’s caused far more trouble. In my opinion, your posts have improved a 1000% over the old days when I offered a few tips in how not to antagonize when criticizing. I’ll just say it again. There are a couple of mods whom I would have not selected as mods for the same reason *I* wouldn’t make a good mod –> making a hobby of someone who I’ve made a “special friend” (planning to drive them nuts). I find it difficult given the actual content of your posts to believe that one or more mods wasn’t in some kind of denial about their objectivity. Ah well, I barely post in the anime threads these days other than just to say I’m watching something or to provide information. If I could just learn to avoid the General Chat completely, it’d be fine.

    Carry on, there’s lots of Internet out there.

  4. 4 Kaioshin Sama December 19, 2012 at 11:18 pm

    @Flavorfantasy: I actually consider myself a pretty easy person to please but hard to truly impress and likewise hard to truly upset. There are really only a few things that really get under my skin when it comes to anime related stuff and those are in order of the offense from greatest to least shows that waste time by being boring or meandering, shows that pander to an excessive degree yet put up a pretense of being deep and introspective and shows that are overly misogynistic/misandristic towards it’s cast.

    @Vexx: Ahoy my good friend. You were always a true gentleman and one of my favorite people to talk to on AS. I always appreciated sage words of wisdom coming from life experience.

    The way I see it Relentlessflame in particular just really had in it for me and eventually it came to a point where I just could not stay unbanned by him for more than a few months at a time tops for what I and others including some mods found to be the flimsiest and arbitrary of reasons. He’d seemingly always find something to continuously give me permanent points on my account for seemingly towards this ultimate goal of finally being rid of me. In his mind whenever there was a transgression and I was anywhere in the vicinity I seemed to always get identified as the instigator and took the brunt of whatever infractions were handed out. It’s pretty shameful, but it is what it is.

    The other mods didn’t really seem to have much against me in particular and never really bothered me for the most part though.

  5. 5 arabesque (@Arabesque_9) December 30, 2012 at 10:15 pm

    Got here via google reader. I was somewhat surprised to see a new post here, since even though I still visit for Klashikari’s posts, I just assumed the blog sort of died.

    Well, I can say that it was really shocking for me that you actually got banned from the forums, and also saddened a lot. You were actually the reason I actually got so familiar with the forums and your posts here and there as well are what motivated me to improve my general posting techniques and etiquette and to think more about what I put in writing.

    I’m really sorry to hear that there seemed to be a lot of bad blood between yourself and relentless. I’ve spoken with him several times and he never struck me as being an unreasonable person (quite the opposite really), but it seemed like he never really shaken off his view on you from the older days.

    I honestly don’t think you deserved to be perma-banned for expressing a different opinion on Key/KyoAni shows, especially since you had really changed your tone and language since the older days where you were most certainly far more hyper-critical of them.

    In any case, I’ll still be dropping by if you decided to revive the place again sometime in the next year. Always liked reading your posts 🙂

  6. 6 chase your dreams February 13, 2013 at 12:48 pm

    It’s going to be ending of mine day, except before end I am reading this enormous paragraph to increase my knowledge.

  7. 7 infinitezenith February 28, 2013 at 11:01 pm

    I do not find myself in agreement with the ban conditions: I thought a forum was for discussions. It is the risk of a ban that minimises my participation in forums: given that I use AnimeSuki as an information source, my account exists only so I can have subscribed posts and the like. A ban would impair my capacity to read the forum’s contents, so I prefer to hang out and simply observe what is being said.

    That said, I contest the notion of Reckoner being anything resembling a class act. While I cannot be sure of his intentions, his writing style comes across as very confrontational and academically oriented (i.e. he tries to sound like he’s making an argument as one would in academic literature like journal papers). In the context of anime, that doesn’t work. Moreover, I’ve heard stories where Reckoner down-repped someone for disagreeing with his views, and the disparity in their reputation power led the other people to drop into the red.

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  13. 13 Amiluhur October 13, 2013 at 5:14 am

    First of all, let me say that i have nothing against you, not at all. I’m one of newly joined regular posters on MAL and honestly i have to admit that i like some of your posts there, mainly because they sound very intellectual and critical, a opposed to vast majority of MAL posters who tend to simply post conveniently-written one liner meaningless sentence. I’m also somewhat getting to take a liking at your comments regarding sunrise and gundam franchise, particularly your insightful opinions of the first season of Valvrave on ANN talkback thread (where you and Fencedude fought fiercely over that *ahem* rape scene). On the other hand, your attitudes towards Kyoani and anything about it still leave a lot to be desired of. You have a net tendency to jump at every single possible occasions to bitching and ranting Kyoani shows. That itself is still fairly okay for me. The main problem, however, is when you begin railing against people who enjoy them. I’ve noticed several times how you, without provocations, conveniently accuse some people as “fanboy” for simply posting a positive feedback to KyoAni (And i hope you still remember that you did the same thing for me when i slightly praised Kyokai no Kanata last week, though i didn’t take offense at that), and even worse is your stubborness to keep defending your position despite some people already proving how flawed your arguments are (symbv and jmal probably being the most vocal). All this time all i’ve been doing is sit back and watching the three of you argue to death without being able to do anything since heavy debate isn’t my thing. And no, i’m not saying this because i like KyoAni shows. In fact it is the anime studio i despise the most, for constantly wasting their potential and talent as animators to keep milking the same brainless moe crap (though Hyouka and the recent eps of KnK have managed to chang my mind a bit), hence i fully understand where you’re coming from.

    Last but not least, i have to tell you that i didn’t come here to ask you to change your attitudes in regards of KyoAni shows. You can criticize it all you want. Just please, i beg you, leave people who enjoy them alone. It’s not hard for you to do, and i’m pretty sure that you yourself have gotten tired of it.


  14. 14 MAL32 October 15, 2013 at 10:05 pm

    You are a fucking troll. If there is something Animesuki did wrong was to be too lenient with you.

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  16. 16 Wild Goose February 3, 2014 at 3:19 am

    Although I disagree with relentlessflame a lot, and have had my own run-ins with him, I honestly can’t see how banning Kaoishin-sama is a bad thing.

    Even a broken clock is right twice a day, afterall.

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  19. 19 Cobra34 March 14, 2014 at 4:51 pm

    @Wild Goose
    What are you talking about? We can see relentlessflame’s inefficiency by having taken too long in banning Kaoishin. Seriously, if he were a competent moderator he would had banned Kaoishin the first day he went full retard.

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  21. 21 murakamikai February 27, 2015 at 9:35 am

    Tsk tsk tsk. Every forum has its assholes. And some are made to be mods.

  22. 23 General Poster January 15, 2016 at 9:24 pm

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  23. 24 Proto July 10, 2016 at 4:11 pm

    Oh so that’s what happened


  24. 25 Wilfriback September 6, 2018 at 2:12 am

    Oh so that what happened. Guess’s I was late too and assumed personal issues that made you unable to post.

    Heh, animesuki lacks vision, years later you can see how it’s subforums are nearly dead except for exceptions when it should be the other way around.
    What goes around comes around.

  25. 26 KiraYamatoFan April 4, 2020 at 4:54 am

    Having read your post here, the fact that psychopath named relentless has been promoted to administrator is no surprise in explaining why there has been a consistent decrease in posting on Animesuki. The forum will inevitably die on its own when people have had enough with that guy.

    I saw your post by Googling about how and why Animesuki is seeing its numbers dwindling. I don’t think we have had many discussions, you and I. Perhaps my memory is playing tricks. Still, I know who are the good guys who have been there for long. Some of them are still there once in a while, but no longer as often as they were. I don’t blame them. The way relentless has been running the business is as bad if not worse than the chef in Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi episode.

    My recent run-in against with relentless happened today when I was notified by a relative that his account was p-banned on the accusation of duplicating an account during a ban. I had to log on for the first time in a while to enquire about what was going on. You know what that SOB replied to me when I asked for proof? here it is:

    “No. I’m not going to outline all the tools we use to check for duplicate accounts so that you know what “mistakes” to avoid when you do it again. The evidence is before the mods and admins, and that’s what “convicted” you.”

    “What you need to do is stop this road of lies, just apologize for breaking the rules and lying to me about it, and then we can move on. If you want to change your account nickname to help mask the past, fine, but you can’t create a duplicate account.”

    Here’s the thing: my cousin, whose username is Toukairin, created his account around the same time when I was under the ban for whatever part I can’t remember. I know that he can be sometimes even feistier than I used to be, but he was within good limits as a member as far as I know.

    I have to say it, but relentless… what a cunt. I told him to outright fuck off and called him idiot a cunt; I felt good about it. If that guy knew how being a moderator on a forum is about mutual respect without any arbitrary decisions like the ones he did, the forum wouldn’t be in such a bad shape. I was there since the days of Gundam SEED Destiny, so it feels sad to see something as huge as that die little by little because of a few idiots that include an admin now.

    I will definitely miss the likes of Guardian Enzo, Ithekro, SeijiSensei, Ganbaru, Yu Ominae and others who were always classy and open for a good discussion, and who are still there. Nevertheless, I told Toukairin to no longer bother with AS. Leaving for good is the right decision for all of us.

    If you’re on another forum, on Reddit or on another pirate ship-like area where we can talk about current anime series and sometimes current events, I’m on board.

  26. 27 Eisdrache May 9, 2020 at 3:27 pm

    There’s a few things in KiraYamatoFan/Toukairin’s rant that need to be addressed, just so anyone chancing on this blog doesn’t get the wrong idea:

    1. There is no cousin or relative. On, KiraYamatoFan clearly states that he goes by the alias “Toukairin”.
    2. KiraYamatoFan/Toukairin wasn’t banned for disagreeing with the mods or RelentlessFlame on anime, he was banned when he crossed another user.
    3. AnimeSuki is still very much alive and offers better discussion on anime than any other anime forum, which are filled with memes

    On the off-chance someone does hear your story, KiraYamatoFan/Toukairin, Anime History is a dead blog, it’s doubtful anyone will care about your side of the story. Without your inflammatory remarks and name-calling everywhere you went, the forums are a much better place to be.

    Also, before you side with Kaoishin-sama, he was banned for insulting fans of K-On! with a clear intent of showing himself as a “smarter” anime fan. Rather than being banned for “an alternate viewpoint”, he argued that Kyoto Animation fans were “harmful to the industry” and therefore must be treated with disrespect. Like you, KiraYamatoFan/Toukairin, Kaoishin-sama deserved his ban: I note that since Kaoishin-sama was banned, the general hostility on the internet towards Kyoto Animation (and K-On!, in particular) has diminished, and that is a big win for anime fans in general.

  27. 28 A Well Wisher December 3, 2020 at 4:39 am


    Today is a good day. Joshua Wong, sentenced to 13 and a half months in prison. Agnes Chow, aka “Real Mulan”, sentenced to 10 months in prison. Led away in tears, and with her sycophants blubbering about the “failure” of democracy and the incarceration of “brilliant” youth as though the world had ended. You, on the other hand, are unable to complain to your heart’s content at AnimeSuki thanks to your ban.

    No swearing with your annoying little self-censored asterisks or pointing out the shortfalls of a country you have no right to be criticizing. No more people agreeing with you for your claims that rioting are justified.

    Wong and Chow will spend the next while in jail, and you can’t say squat about it. No one will listen to you. No one will agree with you. You are silenced, and you have no more audience. Those two are silenced, and have no audience. They went the same way you did, and paid the price for their stupidity the same way you did. Despite the phoney cries of their delusional supporters, the two’s causes will be forgotten, much like how your illogical opinions have already been forgotten.

    Oh, and I forgot to mention: Strike Witches: Road to Berlin, Warlords of Sigrdrifa and High School Fleet: The Movie are all active topics right now. I know you see yourself as a bit of an authority in this area, but you were also very defensive when told you were wrong. Well, I for one am glad you’re banned from AnimeSuki: besides blindly supporting Agnes Chow and Joshua Wong, no doubt would you have tried to be right about everything in this season’s shows, as well. As it is now, AnimeSuki is better off without you, and the community is doing just fine, thank you very much.

  28. 29 A Well Wisher April 5, 2021 at 3:55 am

    Happy one year baniversary, Toukairin!

    For every day in the past year since you got perma-banned from AnimeSuki, the place has been a much better one.

    If you’re still interested in trying to figure out why exactly you got banned, go and Google “Toukairin Animesuki ban”.

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