Hail To The King Baby! (Random Musings About A Surprise Gem)

Kuroyukihime Anime's No. 1 Beautiful Character

Kuroyukihime Anime’s No. 1 Beautiful Character

Might as well have read Anime’s No. 1 heroine for 2012.  Anyway not sure of the full context of the magazine or even which one it’s from but man do some characters just kind of have it all going.  Not only do many consider this to be the most attractive character out there in 2012, but also one of the most interesting, bravest, coolest, craftiest, most cunning and most capable too meaning it was rarely a dull moment whenever she was on camera.  She’s also the flat out best at everything the show is about too but unlike Kirito in SAO she totally gets away with it and doesn’t have to face the Mary/Gary Stu accusations that Kirito got.  Is she just that above that sort of thing in viewers eyes?  Kawahara Reki’s universe just seems so unfair at times, maybe there’s need for a change of venue.  If there’s ever an Accel World appearance in Super Robot Wars (please let this happen Bamco!  You put Tekkaman Blade, Orgun, Virtual-On and even Heroman in there so I’m sure this is doable) Char Aznable can recruit her into his army (you know he’d totally want to for more than one reason 0.0) and along with Haman Khan they can go off and try to conquer the world together and she can learn how to be second best at some things.  

Anyway Accel World was one of those shows I saw last year that just sort of completely caught me and I think a lot of people off guard and become one of the surprise hits of the Spring season.  Truth be told I personally think it had no business being as enjoyable as it was when I think about it’s overall premise and cast of characters, but something about Sunrise Studio 8’s adaptation just seemed to elevate it, possibly above the level of the narrative that Kawahara Reki came up with because I just can’t see myself enjoying such a story as much without all the visual queues (boy were there some gorgeous battle scenes), music (I genuinely find this soundtrack has more variety and style than Yuki Kajiura’s SAO soundtrack) and art direction (see any scene involving a character monologue and the sequences that went with them) that went into this.  To borrow a term from the Kyoani fan playbook (May have to kill myself later for this but we’ll see) the attention to detail was more than one might expect.  And of course there was Kuroyukihime who basically stole the show and everyone knew it but just kind of let it happen cause what are you gonna do I suppose.

It also seems that post-SAO and the disappointing fallout from what many now seem to feel was a weak adaptation of decent material a lot of people are discovering this show which kind of got overshadowed by all the SAO hype and I see a lot of arguing that Accel World’s adaptation is significantly better and thus makes the whole experience a lot more enjoyable.  I don’t know if things would have been different with SAO had Sunrise taken that one too, but I suppose sometimes it’s nice to dream about what have been.  I just can’t help but think that much as I usually appreciate Sunrises efforts most of the time that something that is imagined in ones head always seems better.

So yeah…..if people are looking for an overall point to this article there isn’t really one.  I’ve just felt like musing about Accel World for a bit and simply needed a point of relevance to jump into it on.  I honestly couldn’t recommend this show enough if you’re a fan of mecha, light novels (it’s the first Light Novel adaptation I’ve ever liked to any significant degree), fighting games or really just good fun action and character development in general.  It rarely disappointed me ever which isn’t something I can say for a lot of shows these days and even changed the way I thought about moe and it’s appeal if ever so slightly, which is another thing that caught me off guard.

6 Responses to “Hail To The King Baby! (Random Musings About A Surprise Gem)”

  1. 1 arabesque (@Arabesque_9) January 10, 2013 at 11:28 am

    I never really got into either Accel World or Sword Arts Online, though I did think that they were fun overall by the end. There was a fair number of headdesk moments from both shows as well as many elements that managed to keep me away from becoming a fan of them (or of Kawahara’s writing) but still, fun action shows. Provided not much thinking is given to the characters and just focus on how creative the setting is. Also had lots of pretty looking fights.

    For Kuroyukihime, I can agree that her looks (that illustration in particular showcasing her back is simply gorgeous, that and the black really gives her a very sexy vibe) and demeanor (cool, calm and calculated with a very sure and confident edge) are the best things she has going for her, though surprisingly she never really managed to grow on me. I like her but she’s not what I would ever call a favorite of mine. Not really sure why. I suppose because she seems very lacking in conflict or because she just curpstomps everything in her path with little issue that just makes her a little boring to me. Even then, I don’t really think that’s entirely it either but for some reason I just never managed to become a fan of hers.

    In any case, major kudos to her.

    ”(you know he’d totally want to for more than one reason 0.0)”

    Further accusations of Char’s (obvious) lolicon tendencies will never fall out of fashion it seems.

    ”I genuinely find this soundtrack has more variety and style than Yuki Kajiura’s SAO soundtrack”

    Well, even if I tend to agree that Kajiura’s post-Madoka output had been severely lacking and lackluster (especially when compared to her earlier work), it isn’t really fair to compare the two in this case. Having three different composers doing the score for AW is going to automatically have more variety than SAO (style is something else I feel, but even then it would still be unfair to compare the two).

    ”art direction”

    I’m more than happy agreeing with the first two, and I think Studio 8 is pretty great, but this one I’m going to say isn’t true. It wasn’t noticeable most of the time, Accel World had some pretty bad and inconsistent art direction in certain episodes (where some of the backgrounds would drastically become different between episodes, post processing on certain fights gone wrong). It doesn’t bring it down much, but I would say on the visual aspect the art direction was the weakest of the overall package.

  2. 2 akinoshio June 23, 2013 at 11:11 am

    Ohh! Good news ,I didn’t know that Kuroyukihime was 1# ,no objections.

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