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The 2nd Annual Awards For Dubious Achievements In Anime (2008)

Did you folks think I would forget to do it this year?  Once again I’d like to welcome you all to the Awards For Dubious Achievements In Anime, now in it’s second year of existence.  I came up with these awards because I noted that while most blogs have strictly flat out best of awards, I wanted to do something different, a mixture of award types that some might consider an honor, with awards of dubious or frankly irrelevant value, all of which are of course conjured up from little more then the depths of my old madness and personal favouritisms. 

Well the ADAIA are now in their second year and the rules remain the same, wherein I am the sole judge and for one day of the year all of my anal retentiveness gets set aside for the purposes of cutting loose on the best and most improbable achievements in anime that I have witnessed this year. 

That means no for the love of god no whining about the “results” please, if I don’t have your favourite whatever listed or I end up unintentionally insulting your favourite something or other then look at the title for these awards again and think about what that entails.  If you still don’t like what I’ve written  then by all means feel free to make your own counter-awards or to make the case for your cause, just don’t bitch at or try to insult me about this “ceremony” in the comments section or I will be forced to take action.  Yes it’s shallow and silly, that’s the point.  Okay?  Okay……let’s get this party started…. Continue reading ‘The 2nd Annual Awards For Dubious Achievements In Anime (2008)’

The 1st Annual Awards For Dubious Achievements In Anime (2007)

Welcome, welcome all to Kaioshin’s own Dubious Achievements In Anime Awards Ceremony, hosted gloriously by the Anime History Blog: Where Anime Past Meets Present. Within I gave praise (?) to those anime that have aired in 2007 and award them with honours and awards of my own construction, for not necessarily special achievments in the field of Japanese Animation. The five categories we will be seeing are achievements in character, plotting, music, direction and concepts, with each of those containing any number of categories I can come up with. Join me, your host, Kaioshin Sama as I knock out one by one, each of these awards. The industry should be so lucky. Oh and don’t forget to applaud….. Continue reading ‘The 1st Annual Awards For Dubious Achievements In Anime (2007)’

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