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Gundam Unicorn Sneak Preview Impressions (Generic Post Idea With Unexpected Results?)

5 months I’ve waited and it’s almost here.  Bandai must have known the wait has been a killer for some because a couple days ago they ended up releasing a 7-8 minute preview of the first OVA over the Bandai Channel which eventually made its way to youtube in the clip I’ll be posting below.  First though I want to say what a nice little gift this was as a prelude to Alexandre Bilodeau bringing home the first Canadian gold medal on home soil.  This has been a week of ups and downs for me, but boy did it end great.  Anyhow the embed:

The rest of the article contains spoilers and impressions so this is your chance to look away if you don’t want to watch the preview above. Continue reading ‘Gundam Unicorn Sneak Preview Impressions (Generic Post Idea With Unexpected Results?)’

Let’s Just Get This Year Over With Already (Cause 2010 Is Going To Rock)

Gundam Unicorn 3rd Trailer (But Wait There’s More)

I’m away only a day and suddenly the last pieces start to fall into place for 2010.  At this point I’m not sure what else I can expect from what looks to be an awesome upcoming year that I think will more than make up for the lack of mecha I’ve had to suffer through in the latter half of 2009.  With the recent announcement of a new Code Geass project (Trooooolllllllllllllllllls!  Come out to plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!)from Sunrise this now brings the number of new mecha series from Sunrise alone up to 5 with Unicorn, Votoms, Geass and the Gundam 00 and Seed (hrmmm) movies.  What a busy year and it hasn’t even started.  All that needs to happen is for ghosty to get his new Macross year and I will be ready to prematurely (gasp!) declare 2010 the best year of the century so far.  Here’s a list of some other things I’m still looking forward too:

-Final Fantasy XIII

-Eden of The East Movies

-The rest of V Season 1

– Bioshock 2

Looks like I’ll probably be returning to this blogging business full force next year.  I’m wondering if I’m even going to have any time to rest at all.  In any case time to brush up on my writing and blogging techniques because I almost forget how WordPress even works now.

Gundam Unicorn Long PV Released (I’ve Got You Covered)

It turns out the rumours were true and that there was indeed a new PV for Gundam Unicorn released on the Japanese PSN today.  Somebody was kind enough to upload it to youtube in HD and so here it is:

I wonder if when the time comes I’m going to be the only one following this

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait (March Mecha Madness For 2010?)

votoms All good things come to an end

The latter half of 2009 has left me mecha starved with only a couple of titles (Basquash which was a huge disappointment and the awesome but alone Shin Mazinger), but 2010 is already looking up with the announcement of a new Votoms OVA (that makes 2 very recently with Pailsen Files in 2007) to finish off the story once and for all right around the same time as Gundam Unicorn is set to debut.  The way things are going it’s looking like 2010 is already going to be more active than 2009 as far as my blogging is concerned.   Continue reading ‘Good Things Come To Those Who Wait (March Mecha Madness For 2010?)’

C76: Nanoha movie and psp game preview

I can almost die as a happy man
Continue reading ‘C76: Nanoha movie and psp game preview’

Summer series 2009 Preview ~ Hope no seagulls are crying

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With the Spring season ending in a blink of an eye, we are once again back in the summer period and thus brings us a new batch of series to watch. Surprisingly, compared to last year there isn’t that many titles coming out this season (which is a blessing to some…*points to self) with 18 titles being covered in this preview. As usual laziness gets the better of me and the source for the pictures are taken from THAT Blog where you get more information on the series. Without further ado lets start things off with the first of this season’s titles…

All right so it’s like this.  Every season new shows come out and every season somebody goes all, “Blarg, this whole season sucks and there’s nothing worth watching”.  K, what you gotta do is look harder, cause last season looked pretty meh at first and everybody did the thing, but then like I found 6 new series right out of that season too watch.  That’s like better than average or something.  You be asking yourself why I’m talking like this, and truth is I don’t know, just sorta came out.  Anyway, this seasons a little shorter than average when it comes to the list of new shows, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something worth finding.

Continue reading ‘Summer series 2009 Preview ~ Hope no seagulls are crying’

Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody And Haruhi “Season 2” First Impressions

I’ve already said it elsewhere, but this still reminds of the Saki ending albeit less cracked out

Rather then go through all the motions of rejoicing and about how “thine goddess hath returned” and the fact that there’s a new episode of Haruhi, I’m just going right on in and straight up.  Here it is, my thoughts on the new episode of Suzumiya Haruhi sans hype and plus the humble expectations of a novel reader.  Besides those that know me know I don’t really do that stuff anyway…..okay except with Zeus. Continue reading ‘Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody And Haruhi “Season 2” First Impressions’

And Now….The REAL Gundam 30th Anniversary Project

So Gundam 0081 turned out to be a video game and then more announcements made it seem unlikely that there would be one, but Chris of MAHQ said it first, that just because Sunrise President Uchida said there were “no new Gundam works planned for the anniversary” didn’t make it true (and really why would they come out and admit it instead of making it at least a bit of a surprise like corporations always do) and that there was definitely something on the way.  Well of course he was right, and it looks like the 30th Anniversary Project is the one almost everybody wanted after all. Continue reading ‘And Now….The REAL Gundam 30th Anniversary Project’

Fullmetal 00 Alchemist Brotherhood Second Series (Who’s Cast Is This Anyway?)


Well I Think The Garest Character Of The Season Award Has Been Decided

I’ll just save the time and tell people my thoughts on the first episode right now.  It was nonstop fun the whole way through, but kind of lacking in focus.  Like Shin Mazinger it throws a lot of characters and plot points at us at once, but also like Shin Mazinger it appears that Brotherhood is also going the route of starting in the middle or near the end of the story and then going back to the beginning to show how it happened…..much like the original FMA series.

With that out of the way what I’d rather talk about now is the bizarre (or not so bizarre if you subscribe to my theory that BONES and Sunrise are just different studios in name only and are still joined by a thin, just barely visible fibre at the hip) similarities between the staff and cast behind this show and that of Gundam 00 and MS Igloo. Continue reading ‘Fullmetal 00 Alchemist Brotherhood Second Series (Who’s Cast Is This Anyway?)’

Shin Mazinger Shōgeki! Z-Hen (You May Now Use The Word Epic)


Odds were that a title that could be identified as a proper epic would actually appear to salvage the word….however temporary.  Here is a title that even identifies itself as an epic in it’s title, so go ahead and call it one

Shin Mazinger’s opener is an oddity because it’s not really an opener at all, but instead what appears to be a pastiche of the final events of the Mazin Saga woven together to set the stage for the epic to come.  It’s a spoiler essentially, but in my opinion it works as an artistic choice.  Why you might ask, well because in the history of the ancient epics and mythologies (which Mazinger is like a modernization of if the presence of Zeus doesn’t tip you off) the majority of the time the listener already knew what was going to happen. 

Take the Ragnarök Saga for example.  The final destiny of the gods.  We already know what is foretold and how the heroes and villains of the story will act and how the gods will all be killed in a legendary battle with the Frost Giants that ends in the burning of the World Tree, the submerging of Midgard and the rebirth to follow as the waters subside and life begins anew.  Not only do we know the fate of the gods, but the bards have regailed audiences with the epic tale so many times that all that is left to wonder at is the embellish of the particular performer as to the events of epic.  And so it is the same with Shin Mazinger and it’s bard Yasuhiro Imagawa. Continue reading ‘Shin Mazinger Shōgeki! Z-Hen (You May Now Use The Word Epic)’

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