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Hail To The King Baby! (Random Musings About A Surprise Gem)

Kuroyukihime Anime's No. 1 Beautiful Character

Kuroyukihime Anime’s No. 1 Beautiful Character

Might as well have read Anime’s No. 1 heroine for 2012.  Anyway not sure of the full context of the magazine or even which one it’s from but man do some characters just kind of have it all going.  Not only do many consider this to be the most attractive character out there in 2012, but also one of the most interesting, bravest, coolest, craftiest, most cunning and most capable too meaning it was rarely a dull moment whenever she was on camera.  She’s also the flat out best at everything the show is about too but unlike Kirito in SAO she totally gets away with it and doesn’t have to face the Mary/Gary Stu accusations that Kirito got.  Is she just that above that sort of thing in viewers eyes?  Kawahara Reki’s universe just seems so unfair at times, maybe there’s need for a change of venue.  If there’s ever an Accel World appearance in Super Robot Wars (please let this happen Bamco!  You put Tekkaman Blade, Orgun, Virtual-On and even Heroman in there so I’m sure this is doable) Char Aznable can recruit her into his army (you know he’d totally want to for more than one reason 0.0) and along with Haman Khan they can go off and try to conquer the world together and she can learn how to be second best at some things.   Continue reading ‘Hail To The King Baby! (Random Musings About A Surprise Gem)’

[Epitanime 2012] Ryukishi07’s conference transcriptions

Hey there everyone! I guess I shouldn’t make any more excuses, but well I guess I will keep posting special posts such like about events like I did starting 2 years ago (although having a once per year update is quite sad in retrospect).
Anyway, as the title suggest, this entry will cover the conferences held at Epitanime (France, 25-27 may 2012), with Ryukishi07 as the guest of honor. I decide to stick with the transcription alone, as I had an uncommon status during the convention, so I was helping the staff almost full time, so I unfortunately couldn’t exactly take part of the convention activities, check what the booth had at their disposal, nor even taking few pictures, so it would be a lump of text with just description of what I did with Ryukishi07 and the staff (well, unless you REALLY want to know about the boring stuff, but heh unlikely).
Anyway, considering the staff had set a conference for both Saturday and Sunday, we simply focused each of them on Higurashi and Umineko respectively.


[Note for french readers/Note pour les lecteurs français]: Salut tout le monde! Bon, je sais que je ne dois plus vraiment chercher d’excuses à ce sujet, donc je pense que je vais simplement continuer à faire des billets spéciaux sur des événements dont j’ai pu participé (même si une mise à jour par an est assez triste quand on y pense).
Bien, comme le titre le suggère, ce billet va passer en revu les conférences tenues à l’Epitanime (France, 25-27 mai 2012), avec Ryukishi en tant qu’invité d’honneur. J’ai décidé de limiter cet article sur les transcriptions uniquement, vu que j’avais une position assez différente durant la convention, en aidant le staff presque durant tout le temps de la convention, donc je n’ai malheuresement pas pu participer aux activités de la conventions, passer en revu les stands et les marchandises dont ils disposaient, et je n’ai pu faire que très peu de photo, donc à ce rythme, ca aurait été un bloc de texte avec juste des descriptions de ce que j’ai fait avec Ryukishi07 et le staff (sauf si vous voulez VRAIMENT savoir ce qu’on a fait, pas specialement excitant).
Enfin donc, vu que le staff avait prevu une conference pour Samedi ET Dimanche, nous avons focalisé le theme de chacune de celles ci sur Higurashi et Umineko respectivement.
Si vous voulez passer directement sur la partie francaises, après le dash, faites CTRL+F, avec “frmode” (sans les guillemets).

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Japan Expo 2011: Gems digged up from dirt of mediocrity. Impressions, Loot and more

It certainly has been a very long while I didn’t make any blog post, hasn’t it?
Quite a familiar sentence isn’t it? Well I guess this kind of post once in a while is always fine, so long I enjoy doing them. Anyway folks, this is yet again a little report of what I’ve been doing at the Japan Expo of this year.

Content: description of my little adventure during 4 days at Japan Expo (France, Paris, Parc des Expositions), goodsmile company booth, tsubameyado, loot and many more. Also, I’ve got my camera this time!

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[C] The Money of Possibility And Soul Control – A Cult Classic In The Making

Wow….what can I say.  I just got finished watching the final episode a rather peculiar (to put it mildly) noitaminA show that styles itself by the rather bizarre name [C] The Money of Possibility and Soul Control.

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Japan Expo 2010: When Hell meets Heaven. Impressions, Loot and more

It certainly has been a very long while I didn’t make any blog post, hasn’t it?
I feel a bit guilty about that considering all the crap I had to take care of, for like a full year, but I guess this event should be at least covered.

Content: description of my little adventure during 3 days at Japan Expo (France, Paris, Parc des Expositions), conference with Tamura Yukari and Mishima Akio about Magical Girl Nanoha The Movie 1st, loot and many more.

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What The Hell Happened With The Fall Season And How To Survive The Rest of 2009 (With A Curious Leadoff)

Ugh those tracks you just can’t stop repeating but you don’t care because they are so damn good you might as well let them stay playing for a week.  It’s that Senju Akira again and his dastardly slow building music that just keeps on building:

I could listen to that all day and perhaps maybe I’d rather listen to that all day then watch any one of the new anime series we have coming out this season.  And that’s what I’m really here to talk to you, but by all means let the song be a mood setter.  ghostlightning states “FFFFF We Hate the New Season” and calls it fail fall 09, but he doesn’t necessarily ask the question.  What is the question? Is there a question?  Well I certainly have one and it’s a certain “what the hell happened?!” as far as the last couple of seasons we dealt with actually.  Last season gave us a certain gem in Bakemonogatari and I’m sure people found something to suit their interests as well, but for mecha fans like the ghost and I it’s been pretty slimpickings.  There don’t seem to be any particular heavy hitters for the remainder of 2009, and in fact it’s arguable that the entirety of 2009 slipped by without any of the heavy hitters we’ve had almost every season from 2006-2008.  Have we been spoiled, or is the boom over so to speak?  Finally is it just me or have the bigshot companies just suddenly decided to collectively say, “2009 isn’t looking so good, let’s wait until 2010 before we spring the big stuff on them” and if so could the crash at the end of 2008 had something to do with the anime industry playing so conservatively this year?  I don’t pretend to have all the answers and hate to leave people hanging, but if indeed this is already it as far as the big 2009 titles go I wouldn’t mind sharing my survival strategy with everyone instead.  It’s a fairly simple one that should be adaptable to most people’s standards: Continue reading ‘What The Hell Happened With The Fall Season And How To Survive The Rest of 2009 (With A Curious Leadoff)’

NEEDLESS episode 15 ~ Saten the unbeatable?

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No pantsu ❤

Once again, apologies for the lateness of this entry (as well as skipping episode 14) but nonetheless NEEDLESS is still the best series even when accounting for this new season that had just started 😀

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Time To Barrel Roll Into The Most Hyped Show Of The Season (I Finally Check Out Bakemonogatari)


This Is Your Brain On Drugs….Any Questions?

Honestly I went ahead and gave this show a chance and so far it’s giving me a headache….well at least at first….and yet I still want to see more of it just the same.  I’m perfectly sure there’s something interesting being developed here with regard to Hitagi’s plight and how Oshino is going to try and help her, but I’ll also say that the first episode with that looping music track over the opening conversation in the classroom (annoying and repetitive beyond description) as well as the randomly flashing text and rapidly shifting camera angles for no discernible reason or effect was just dizzying and disorienting beyond belief.  Especially since the parts of the episode that aren’t like that are quite drawn out but also really intense and creepy at the same time with the psycho bitch and well….just the show in general. I know somebody is going to probably tell me that that’s just Shinbo, but I’ll just reply by asking how this necessary and by answering myself with, “probably drugs”.  Other than that bit of “guh-huh” it was a more intriguing and eye-catching start than what I’ve seen most series feature these days, but not by much.

Now what I really did like and found most intriguing about this opener was how the one girl with the glasses (sorry her name eludes me and I’ll probably catch shit for this) sold Hitagi as something completely different then what she is portrayed as upon her first introduction, which helped to greatly enhance the atmosphere of her turning out to have a stationery fetish. Here I am expecting a total stereotype of a Mary Sue and then she just turns out to be a nutcase that doesn’t fit any of the traits she was described as having.  I cant’ even begin to describe how this struck me as an incredibly good thing.  Also Oshino didn’t come across the way I thought he was going to either and ends up being more like a second season Tieria Erde as opposed to the Saji Crossroad I was expecting.  Already we are seeing that the characters seem to have more than one side to them, and that’s pretty good stuff that I would definitely call promising for somebody like me who hasn’t watched much of this highly hyped and praised series yet.

Now to get a little more wishy-washy again though, because let’s face it this is just what I do when it comes to raw first impressions.  I’m really not sure if I like Hitagi’s voice acting yet though, mostly because I’m more used to Chiwa Saito voicing squeaky, peppy, loud and just generally extroverted characters like first season Louise Halevy, Natsumi Hinata, Lavie Head and Rebecca Miyamoto and I think maybe she is too. Also I can’t say Bakemonogatari is likely to be winning any awards on the BGM front either.  I’m probably not going to make many friends for saying this judging by how insanely popular this show is at the moment, but Bakemonogatari probably has some of the most unpleasant BGM I have heard so far this year.  The visual style though…… much as I may have seemed like I was put off by it before, I am more befuddled, and honestly I like being surprised and then just learning to go along with the ride…..if it doesn’t turn out to be totally insulting that is.  I think I will probably be getting high when I watch episode 2 just to enhance the experience.  It’s the kind of show that seems to warrant it and probably the piece of the puzzle missing in understanding why the points of view and text are so messed up.  I figure Shinbo is probably toking up while he’s directing all of this stuff, might as well indulge him.  It’s just like….whatever it’s a surface right….might as well through some text in there…..attaboy Shinbo!

NEEDLESS episode 13 ~ Too damn bloody epic for TV.

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You may kill him now ^^

OMFG! This episode was just the bomb of all NEEDLESS episodes seen so far. Not only was the quality of the episode top notch, drop dead gorgeous with all the glowing blood, pantsu shots and epic faces, but the story once again continues to surprise me with the way it turns the table over and over again. Once again I have to give this episode a rating of “I CAME!” for its sheer awesomeness XD

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NEEDLESS episode 12 ~ Yamada strikes back; so does Mio with scissors

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Mine is bigger than yours :p

Now if there is definite proof that Yamada isn’t a spineless/useless waste of space then it is shown in this episode in all his deserved glory. Yamada, you are DA MAN!

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