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Tales of Abyss episode 19 ~ Anise’s “unseen” secret

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OOH!  kamikaze!! (SnH ref)

Good news is that this episode turned out to be a lot better than the previous one although it still didn’t do much to change my current opinion on the series. What a shame D:

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Tales of Abyss episode 18 ~ Suddenly…it was happily ever after…

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On that note, UK has also been hit with some pretty nice snow since as long as I can remember, wheee snow angels!

Oh snap this was awfully done…It has been a while since I last saw something as anti-climatic as this and to tell you the truth, it was plain awful >_<‘

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Tytania Episode 15 – Singing Loli Fails to Save Ship from Sinking

I actually put this show on indefinite hold after watching episode 14. Never mind the suddenness of Estrades’ turn to madness, and the idiocy of the Verdhana nobles. It’s Fan Hulic disappearing to yet another soul-searching expedition that did me in. Now Kaioshin Sama is real upset about episode 15, and I don’t blame him. It’s TERRIBLE, perhaps not in an absolute sense, but rather (in my case) a further irreconcilable departure to how I wanted the show to be like. Continue reading ‘Tytania Episode 15 – Singing Loli Fails to Save Ship from Sinking’

Tytania Episode 15 Does Not Exist

There is no Tytania episode 15 and I refuse to entertain the notion that there is such a thing as a Tytania episode 15.  Tytania in fact goes straight from episode 14 to 16 and there is no such occurence as Fan and Bal’ami going to their caves to find their power lolis so that they can overcome a loss that has already been overcome.  The whole idea is just too proposterous and clearly has no place in something like Tytania and I will hear none of it.  Hence we shall continue on to episode 16 shortly here at Anime History and there will be no further mention of any sort of  Tytania episode 15 from this point forward on my part since it does not exist.

That said Ghostlightning might be stopping by at some point to blog about an episode 15 of something or other.  You are free to acknowledge his ravings about a Tytania episode 15 if you want, but I don’t buy it.  I recall watching some show about a pink haired loli and “Hero” shacking up in an Uncle Tom’s cabin and some Aryan dude coming back from the dead to accomplish nothing of value, but I certainly don’t recall it being Tytania because that sort of stuff doesn’t happen in Tytania, it happens in Xenosaga.

Tales of Abyss episode 17 ~ great avalanche!

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Moments later the great avalanche happened

Trust Jade to do something so extreme as to set off an avalanche facing an enemy attack. It just goes to show how much faith he has in his party but somehow Luke still manages to miss the protection bubble by Tear, strangely enough his insane luck level was enough to keep him alive whilst the God generals are assumed to be dead…like as if that will ever happen to them because of something so minor…*laughs*

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Tytania Episode 14 (Fraternal Fragdown)


When A Character Starts Drinking Red Wine In The Vampire Style You Know They Are Up To No Good

This was kind of a strange episode, but it’s the first one I’ve really been able to get into for a long time.  Perhaps it was because there was so little Fan Hulic stuff going on (although he does put in an appearance as we’ll see in a moment), but as if to “make up” for that there was a bit of crazy on Tytantia’s side this time around. Continue reading ‘Tytania Episode 14 (Fraternal Fragdown)’

CLANNAD ~AFTER STORY~, Episode 11-13

My apologies for such belated and condensed entry. Due to many circumstances (holiday, exams, umineko patch, etc), it was difficult to bring myself blogging again. Obviously, I didn’t drop Clannad at all (I won’t guarantee this for Chaos head, however…). Here is a quick entry for episodes 11, 12, 13. Since the time lapse is quite huge, I assume you are all already done with these, so a digest pack of screencaps and comments will do.

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