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Tytania Episode 10 Mini-Review (Sudden Romance Syndrome Or Double Mint Lira)


Hey…..Ahahaha….You Might Not Actually Be Lira, But Your Somehow Twice As Annoying…..Ahahaha….*Urge To Kill Rising*

Forming the second part of my mini-review triology is a certain episode entitled Collapse of Euria.  As one might expect this episode takes us back to Euria amid the chaos of a revolution brought on by the revelation that the mayor had made a secret deal with Tytania to spare Euria if they threw the battle.  You all remember right?  It’s the one that Fan was supposed to be the scapegoat for, the battle of Cerberus.  Well anyway the cats out of the bag and the parliament is all fired up meaning something has to change. Continue reading ‘Tytania Episode 10 Mini-Review (Sudden Romance Syndrome Or Double Mint Lira)’


Tytania Episode 09 Mini-Review (Follow The Red Fabric Carpet)


She’s Off To See The Clan Lord, The Wondeful Clan Lord Of Tytania

Well the company has finally gone home and the holidays blown over, which means I have some catching up to do.  For the purposes of accomplishing that I’ve decided to do a couple of quicker looks at my backlog of Tytania episodes, so really quickly here is episode 09. Continue reading ‘Tytania Episode 09 Mini-Review (Follow The Red Fabric Carpet)’

Tytania Episode 08 (Like Moths To A Flame)


Typhoon Vs. Small Wind! READY?! GO!

Alright let’s do this, COME ON LET’S DO THIS! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA YUUUUSHAAAAAAA!  Ahem, good to be back (Gamerscore=1650, still pitiful, but what am I going to do?  Get more games, that’s what) and it’s good to have another interesting episode of Tytania to blog about.  This time Salisch is trying to make up for his previous failure to hold the Tytanian space fortress Little Big Horn from the Blaze Flag Army’s assault last episode, and it’s remarkable to see that he too can show when he is humbled and yet work around to doing what needs to be done.  Previously he had come across as a knowledgable tactician, but a bit of a whiner and puppet to Idris’ ambitions, but finally his chance has come to show what he’s made of…..with a little tactical advice from Jouslain on the side of course. Continue reading ‘Tytania Episode 08 (Like Moths To A Flame)’

Tytania Episode 07 (On Being Your Own Worst Enemy)



Continue reading ‘Tytania Episode 07 (On Being Your Own Worst Enemy)’

Tytania Episode 06 (How Ariabart Got His Groove Back)


Team Tytania is divided but strong.  Everyone has their way of doing things, but not everyone likes the way things are done.  Least of all Jouslain

The Deathasaurus asked me if I’m going to talk about Gundam 00 tonight so Tytania it is.  Ahahahahaha!  Ahem….so if you’ll recall we haven’t had a fleet battle since the very beginning of the series in the Battle of Cerberus, but all of that is about to change as Aribart is sent to bring Tyrandia back into the Tytanian fold.  This battle was broadcast live across the galaxy and you can see it too from the comfort of your own computer desk.  It’s just that strong a feed.  However as it is my job to give the play by play I think it’s about time we get cracking don’t you? Continue reading ‘Tytania Episode 06 (How Ariabart Got His Groove Back)’

Tytania Episode 05 (Tytanian Style Diplomacy)


As Well He Should Be.  The Polls Say So After All

It’s amazing how much of a difference it can make when the focus is primarily on Tytania, but simply put this is without a doubt the best episode since the first.  This time we have the popular Grand Duke of the system of Tyrandia, a Tytania territory (as if there were any other possibility), passing away and as a result his duties being passed on to his wife the Grand Duchess Laetitia who like her husband is also loyal to Tytania and even sees them as protector gods who keep the universe safe and watch over her and her people from Uraniborg.  However suddenly things take an unexpectded turn as Tyrandia which is also a critical Tytanian trading outpost breaks off contact from Uraniborg and ceases paying it’s tribute to the Clan Lords.  As a result all of the Tytanian dukes (including Idris who is none to happy to be leaving his post as Captain of the Emperor’s royal guard to his older relative) are called back to Uraniborg to decide what to do about the situation. Continue reading ‘Tytania Episode 05 (Tytanian Style Diplomacy)’

Tytania Episode 04 (The Economy Of Tytania)

Is That Worth A Lot Or A Little, It’s Hard For Me To Determine Value With Someone As Worthless As Lira On The Screen

New DS to replace the one you stupidly broke?  $129.99.  New Samsung flat screen 32″ HDTV to replace the old shitty one you’ve had for 5 years?  $599.99.  Spending the day with your family getting your room organized so that you can fit said TV in there?  Priceless.  There are some things in life money can’t buy, and for everything else there’s blogging about Tytania.  It’s been a good run so far, the Tytania market of quality anime has been strong, you’d almost think it could last forever.  Well, we thought that about the real world economy and it didn’t quite work out that way.

Now I want you to imagine if you will that the Tytanian family scenes are the equivalent of a nice freshly minted $1 Canadian Looney.  Not the best currency in the world, but strong enough to stand on it’s own.  This means that they relatively good value and you probably wouldn’t mind getting a hold of a few of them to watch right?  Now imagine if you will that a Lira scene last episode was the equivalent of a Turkish Lira in 1966, about an 8th of a Canadian Looney which we are using to represent the Tytanian family scenes.  So 1 Lira scene is worth the equivalent of 8 Tytania scenes.  Not very valuable, especially considering the prominence of Tytanian scenes last episode, but because of those Tytanian scenes we’re still okay.

Now we hit episode 4, but imagine if you will that a Lira scene is now worth the equivalent of a Turkish Lira in the year 2001, worth approximately 1,369,500th of a Canadian Looney which we are still using to represent the Tytanian Family.  Yikes, not very valuable, especially considering the abundance of them taking time from Tytania scenes and devaluing the whole stock to almost worthless levels.  It’s the equivalent of the stock market threatening to crash from lack of value (or in this case, good scenes) and that is what it feels like at times to be watching this episode of Tytania.  Once we are through here you will hopefully come to understand why I as an investor of something equally valuable into this show (that being my time) might start to lose a little confidence in the market of Tytania TV. Continue reading ‘Tytania Episode 04 (The Economy Of Tytania)’

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