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I Never Thought I Would Have To Get Directly Involved In Blogging Drama Again But…..

Look 21stcenturydigitalboy, son……I know you don’t seem to get this whole blogging thing, but the way it works is that you make a post and people comment on it and then you reply…..preferably without acting much like a 5 year old throwing a temper tantrum by scribbling all over the wall.  If you can’t actually handle interacting with other people on any normal level and lack any form of social skills then I would strongly recommend disabling commentary since you really seem to be struggling with this whole concept of communication with readers anyway.  In short do grow up already, if not for everyone else’s sake, at least for your own.

My One Month Final Trial Period To See Whether It’s Actually Worth Reading Other Anime Blogs Has Passed

Judgement:  Not Happening

To be honest, all I frequently see anymore is what appears to me as pettiness, complaining and writing whatever it takes to get the most views and comments.   I feel like it’s something I’d rather not partake of anymore while I instead devote my time to reading other writings worthy of my time such as manga/novels/graphic novels which bring me joy instead of regret or perhaps more specifically The Watchmen which I’ve been putting off for way to long.  A friend of mine has also advised me that I talk far to much about the blogosphere and what it is trumpeting or denouncing at any given time and that it is affecting my ability to enjoy the shows I watch.  Plus he’s just plain sick of hearing me talk about it period. :p

The feeling of sameness across the board remains as well and I still don’t see anything being written that interests me.  To further compound the issues, nobody seems to be listening to anything other then what they agree with anymore and as such new ideas and ways of looking at things are not being generated.  So what’s the point?  What do I have to gain if I choose to read one blog or another when everyone pretty much has the exact same thing to say? The answer is nothing really.  Maybe in a few more years anime blogging will get some new blood.  People with new ideas, ways of presenting them and a more open mind.  Maybe then it’ll be worth it to read them again.  Until then like I said, not happening. Continue reading ‘My One Month Final Trial Period To See Whether It’s Actually Worth Reading Other Anime Blogs Has Passed’

Just To Avoid Any Confusion

Okay, since some people think that my talk about disillusionment with anime blogging is directly related to the whole ABC thing, I just want to take a moment to say that isn’t the case, but that I more or less saw this type of incident coming in that I had noticed over the past couple months how negative and spiteful the community was getting.  My intent to declare my independence from any formal ties to the blogging community was to avoid the type of things that are happening right now, not a result of it.  It was a premonition (complete with a Newtype Flash if you want to be imaginative) based off of my own personal experiences that really didn’t have a whole lot to do with what has gone on in the past couple of days.  

That isn’t to say I have any real opinion on the matter that is almost literally ripping the blogging community apart as I stand off to the side now thanking my Newtype-like abilities since I’m running an indie blog here now, but since I know people have linked to me now I feel I still need to make things clear.  That’s all I really wanted to say. 

Final Decision Regarding Animeblogger

In seeing all the drama popping up in animeblogger yet again, this time regarding something about an Anime Blogging Collective, I don’t even know what to believe anymore.  I do know however that I want to keep blogging.  I have come up with my answer, and it seems like the only good one that will lead to the least amount of stress for me and hopefully a good time for those who like to read what I have to write. Continue reading ‘Final Decision Regarding Animeblogger’

The Derailed By Darry Blog Drinking Game (Making It Better One Step At A Time)

In deciding that reading the Derailed By Darry anime blog borders on excruciating without some form of alcohol to make it actually funny, I’ve decided to devise a drinking game for anyone willing to take the plunge into that most unique of websites.  The best part of it is that Jason’s predictable style of writing lends itself perfectly to the common form of drinking games.   I received the inspiration for this idea after watching the excellent restaurant comedy Waiting again with it’s odd little game for passing the time at the grind that is working in a restaurant.  I hope that this game might catch on so that all of us might partake of the familiarity that is a Jason Miao article.  Without further ado here are the rules: Continue reading ‘The Derailed By Darry Blog Drinking Game (Making It Better One Step At A Time)’

Pointless Sunrise Bashing Is Not Amusing (Mild Language Warning)

Okay, this is more of an opinion piece then a straight up article, but this has outright been pissing me off lately (yes I said a bad word, when I’m really really upset the well-mannered side of me tends to take a breather).  Here’s the thing, for some reason several bloggers who won’t be named (out of a respect, that I frankly don’t think they deserve, but will be given to them anyway) have decided that in order to write an article about Gundam 00 or any other Sunrise series they will watch, they have to subscribe to the “All Sunrise Series Will Trainwreck” myth and write from that angle. Continue reading ‘Pointless Sunrise Bashing Is Not Amusing (Mild Language Warning)’

The Blogging Sphere (Trouble In Paradise)

So things have just gotten really nasty in the Anime Blogging Community lately.  I don’t know what it is about some of the bloggers out there, but some of them don’t seem to like it when people question what they write in the comments section.  It seems like with some blogs you either go with the overall flow and say as little as possible in terms of meaning or they subject you to annoying spam filters that seem designed to catch unfavourable comments. 

What’s the harm in allowing a little criticism in ones blog I ask?  Do some of these people, Jason Miao, for example have such a god complex that they can’t accept that not everybody agrees with everything they say.  I personally am one of those guys who would allow unflattering comments on my articles to make it through, even criticisms of me personally aren’t a problem, it’s going to happen.  I think spam filtering should stop at repetitive or off-topic commenting, not that I’m getting many comments yet to even consider that.  The site is young after all.

Anyway it just makes me a little sick to the stomach to see some of these blog owners out there who run their sites like Orwellian states and disappear those comments that are unfavourable.  I say to them, your not helping to community at all, you are only feeding your own ego and personally I don’t care for that kind of motive when it comes to the reasons behind one’s blogging interests.

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