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CLANNAD, Extra Episode “Summer Break Incident”

CLANNAD ended last week however… Do things really end like this, after such confession? Well, not really!
Aside of the announcement of the second season, ~AFTER STORY~, we got an extra episode following the main plot.

Nagisa and Tomoya are starting their new life as a couple… However, things don’t go that smoothly, picking the interest of many girls… and one of them is Mei, who certainly wants to pull some strings for the 2 lovers!

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CLANNAD, Episode 22 [END]

[note]: usual stuff everyone. here is the bullet summary of the last “main plot” episode. Screencaps are up in few hours.

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CLANNAD, Episode 21

[note]: usual drill: bullet summary is available. Much like last week, the raw is kinda slow to get, so screencaps will take some time to be uploaded.

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CLANNAD, Episode 20

Nagisa finally found something to act on, however, her play is something extremely odd which will stir some worries and curiosity to Tomoya.
As he is trying to figure where Nagisa learnt, Tomoya discovers the truth about Sanae’s and Akio’s past.

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CLANNAD, Episode 19

After so much efforts, the drama club is finally revived! Nagisa gets her dream within her reach, but soon, Tomoya’s misfortune torments him again.

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CLANNAD, Episode 18

Tomoya has been expulded from school for three days, after covering Tomoyo. However, this will not set him free, and girls surely check on his state for the better and… the funnier!
As Tomoya support Tomoyo in her elections, a definite event will set the situation in stone.

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CLANNAD, Episode 17

After this incredible basket ball match, the drama club was able to get a compromise with the choir club. However, Nagisa will be struck by her fever. During her absence, many girls are taking this opportunity to win over Tomoya!

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CLANNAD, Episode 16

Mei finally made her entrance, trying to figure out if her brother Youhei is doing fine. Meanwhile, the basketball matchis drawing near, and things are fired up !

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CLANNAD, Episode 15

As Kotomi resolved her problems, the group is getting back on their main business: the drama club!
Kyou was able to fix one condition for the club and hence, they are trying to get Koumura-sensei approval for the supervising condition. However, some troubles will rise from here…

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CLANNAD, Episode 14

Everyone is doing their best for Kotomi, though the deadline approaches without leaving them the time to take a break. Kotomi finally breaks her shell and they are together once again, until an important revelation is brought to Kotomi, concluding her happiness.

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