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Let’s Just Get This Year Over With Already (Cause 2010 Is Going To Rock)

Gundam Unicorn 3rd Trailer (But Wait There’s More)

I’m away only a day and suddenly the last pieces start to fall into place for 2010.  At this point I’m not sure what else I can expect from what looks to be an awesome upcoming year that I think will more than make up for the lack of mecha I’ve had to suffer through in the latter half of 2009.  With the recent announcement of a new Code Geass project (Trooooolllllllllllllllllls!  Come out to plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!)from Sunrise this now brings the number of new mecha series from Sunrise alone up to 5 with Unicorn, Votoms, Geass and the Gundam 00 and Seed (hrmmm) movies.  What a busy year and it hasn’t even started.  All that needs to happen is for ghosty to get his new Macross year and I will be ready to prematurely (gasp!) declare 2010 the best year of the century so far.  Here’s a list of some other things I’m still looking forward too:

-Final Fantasy XIII

-Eden of The East Movies

-The rest of V Season 1

– Bioshock 2

Looks like I’ll probably be returning to this blogging business full force next year.  I’m wondering if I’m even going to have any time to rest at all.  In any case time to brush up on my writing and blogging techniques because I almost forget how WordPress even works now.

Final Fantasy XIII Demo (Is Masashi Hamauzu Square’s Next Nobuo Uematsu? Has Tetsuya Nomura Finally Evolved?)

I was wondering why ghostlightning had suddenly brought FFX:III up to me the other day.  His question was whether FF:XIII was going to be coming out on 360 too.  Yes…..yes it is.  Then I found out that the demo had been released in Japan on the PS3 yesterday and went to look at some clips.  Truthfully I hadn’t been that psyched about FFX:III until I saw that they were going to be going with the whole cyberpunk theme for it’s characters and part of it’s setting.  IMO FF: VIII had the most fascinating settings in the history of the franchise and I had been waiting a long long time for them to go back to that.  Lightning’s Gunsword helps in getting back to that level of awesomeness too, because if I haven’t already been clear, my policy when it comes to games is “to hell with realism, do what you have to do to maximize the fun factor, then if you have to worry about realism”.  I guess that means I’ve grown accustomed to Square’s late tendencies towards zazz factor (not so much cutscene porn, which they admittedly not quite as bad for as Konami’s Metal Gear Solid franchise) as long as it doesn’t interfere with gameplay.  Of course if the realism is tied to the fun factor like it with such game franchises as Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty then by all means……

Anyway, I digress.  What I am really here to talk about was the music during one of the early sequences in the Demo.  Specifically this masterpiece in the waiting:

Final Fantasy XIII Boss Theme – By Masashi Hamauzu

Holy mother…..maybe it’s just me, but this is probably the best Final Fantasy song I’ve heard since FF: X, though maybe that’s because Masashi Hamauzu was one of the FFX composers.  Nevertheless I didn’t expect to get completely blown away by one of the first tracks I heard from the demo and I swear to god it actually brought a tear to my eye because it sounded so much like the FF music I remember getting into back in my high school days and not the solid but merely passable stuff we’ve been getting since FF: X-2.  I just love how it builds the tension in the early bits only to slam you full force with the piano player going all Elton John on us (that’s how I picture him anyway, slamming down on the keys like Elton John once he really gets going in a concert) as well as those lovely violins.  Music to fight bosses by…..this is what I want.  And yeah come to think of it the boss music in FF: XII was pretty good too, but I wouldn’t put it on this level and I certainly hope this doesn’t just mean that the boss music will be the highlight piece for all of FF:XIII as now that I know Hamauzu is the FF: X guy I expect great things from this games score. Continue reading ‘Final Fantasy XIII Demo (Is Masashi Hamauzu Square’s Next Nobuo Uematsu? Has Tetsuya Nomura Finally Evolved?)’

Final Fantasy: Home Of The Prodigy? (Part 2 – Final Fantasy IV)


If Final Fantasy II got it started then I’m pretty sure Final Fantasy IV soldified it.  Final Fantasy is the home of the child prodigy and once again I examine the evidence. Continue reading ‘Final Fantasy: Home Of The Prodigy? (Part 2 – Final Fantasy IV)’

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