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The 08th MS Team Should Not Hold Gundam Back (A Few Reason Why People Need To Stop Asking For More Of It)


It’s Time To Let It Go People

After reading the latest demand for more 08th MS Team on Animesuki today, I figured I might as well just finally say it.  The answer to the question why they don’t make more 08th MS Team, and a further look at how their have in fact been tons of real robot grunt warfare type stories since 08th MS Team with of course some opinion added into the mix.  And yes this well feature some of my particular brand of angry and I’ll mention why a little in the actual text. Continue reading ‘The 08th MS Team Should Not Hold Gundam Back (A Few Reason Why People Need To Stop Asking For More Of It)’

More Big News Everyone (The Horn Blowing Continues)

And we get a trailer

Wow the show is brand new and yet is already making me feel nostalgic.  I’m really liking how the character designs look when animated too.  Simply amazing so far. Continue reading ‘More Big News Everyone (The Horn Blowing Continues)’

Eden of The East Finale=Gundam 00?

Don’t know what the gg half time break is talking about with regard to Code Geass R2 comparisons, but so many parts of this finale made me feel like I was watching Gundam 00 without the mecha and with a different goal and a smaller scope that I’m wondering what the deal is:

Ato Saizo Continue reading ‘Eden of The East Finale=Gundam 00?’

Gundam 00 Final Analysis (An Announcement)

After just having WordPress eat my draft for the second part in it’s near entirety I have decided to call it a day on this endeavour.  It’s already taken a long time to write up even the first part and now to have to rewrite the second part is just too much of a time sucker to deal with for a number of reasons.  First I could honestly say that I am satisfied with where I am now, having covered the basic plot points in the character section already such that everything I’ve written for this one feels redundant already.  Second, I truthfully don’t have much to say about the other sections other then that I was immensely satisfied with the music and animation and how both always seemed to come together to fit the mood of a given scene very nicely.  As for the mecha design, I’ve appreciated since the first episode of season 1 how it took the Gundam aesthetic, but made the designs uniquely Anno Domini, forging a comfortable middle ground between the classical Mobile Suit design of previous series and those of Syd Mead in Turn A Gundam.  Finally and with all of this said I think it’s time I moved on from this series and these reflections on it so that I can actually have some time to enjoy myself watching the anime that are out this season as well as for the purpose of finishing the huge backlog of anime and games I have going, which I haven’t been able to do so far.  Then I can also get back to writing articles again that don’t just have too do with Gundam 00. 

I’ll possibly get this second part out at some point down the road, but not for a while.  I don’t want to make myself sick of Gundam by the time Unicorn roles around after all.  In the mean time if you are looking for a good summing up of the series, I’ve found it as I was writing these bits up over the past couple of months in Gundamn@MAHQ’s in-depth podcast discussion on Gundam 00.  If mine has spanned a month then there’s has spanned at least a year, and you get a vocal appreciation and constructive criticism of the show that typed prose simply cannot compete with and that is also on a level of fairness I think anyone can appreciate.  It basically renders my goal here in providing in depth analysis all the more obsolete and redundant, especially since we share much the same views on just about everything that goes on in the story, with the sole exception that they had more of a positive reaction to the Gaga Squad then I did.

We will soon return to your regularly scheduled blogging, but for now I’ll answer any questions about the series anyone might have.

Gundam 00 Second Season Final Analysis (Part 1: The Characters)


The Events Of Gundam 00 Second Season Are All Said And Done, And It Is Now The Time For Making Speeches And Reflecting

So let me start by saying this…..”what a ride this one was”.  I doubt anybody who really followed the show (I mean REALLY followed it), the forum and blog discussions (with fights that got almost as intense as the ones in show itself) on it, and the spoiler crunch from sites such as 19.04 seconds can really say otherwise.  Gundam 00 Second Season is what I have come to expect from second halves of Sunrise shows where the world has been established, the characters introduced and developed (though many would debate this I am sure), the line between factions and idealogies drawn, the goals set (mostly), and now all that’s left to do is finish the job and show how things play out, with all of the mecha skirmishes, character deaths, betrayals, changes of heart, plot twists and big battles that we have come to expect from the Gundam franchise.

How did it go about doing all of that and how well did it succeed?  That’s what I am here to look at, and I plan to do it in four sections that will deal with Character, Story, Music And Animation, and finally Mecha. This is going to be a long read (even split into seperate parts) since I am going to try and go in depth on each topic and subtopic as much as possible.  For this reason people may want to read this one in sub-installments. Continue reading ‘Gundam 00 Second Season Final Analysis (Part 1: The Characters)’

Upon Further Review And With Much Request

It has been asked of me multiple times that I do a final analysis of Gundam 00 Second Season, and previously I have denied this request and said that there was not going to be a final review from me.  However, after reading some of the reviews out there (specifically this) and feeling myself that the current fair as far as final Gundam 00 impressions and reviews go is lacking and doesn’t really attempt to scratch the surface of the show, I have decided to bite the bullet and do a full write up and final analysis of Gundam 00 Second Season.  Please stay tuned as this is going to take some time.

I’ve Just Realized Something About Mecha Anime


So people wanted to know what I really think about Gundam 00?  Well here it is…….I thought it completely and 100% sucked balls, was clearly the worst anime ever made, and was a total waste of my time.  And really it’s only served to show me that clearly all mecha and sci-fi anime suck balls as well.  I can’t believe I’ve wasted so many years following mecha series like Gundam, Macross and the Go Nagai franchise’s when ALL it is is just mindless explosions and stupid characters talking about stupid things and emoing over each other’s problems. 

Well no more, clearly there’s no enjoyment to be had in mecha/sci-fi anime on any level and I am now renouncing my faith in mecha anime for good thanks to Gundam 00.  I am only going to be following much better genres next season in the form of  shows like Queen’s Blade, Tayutama -Kiss on my Diety- and Hanasakeru Seishounen.  Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Predictions For The Final Episode Of Gundam 00

Ribbons will die, Patrick will turn out to be alive, the current conflict will come to a close and /m/ and the /m/ extension blogs will bitch excessively.  Also maybe aliens.  That is all….now have a drink, prepare for the best worst ending to the best worst anime ever made and enjoy the forum fireworks wherever you may choose to stake your claim.  SORE DE WA! GUNDAM FAN FIGHTERS READY……GO!

Random Musing Of The Week (The Minmay Defence Vs. Trans-Am Burst Mode)


Setsuna F Seiei and Lynn Minmay, Changing The Future The Anime Way

In teasing over the events of Gundam 00 Episode 24 and discussing Macross a bit with ghostlightning I suddenly stumbled upon an interesting question that I had to ask myself.  Which do I find a more unlikely event, a guy realizing his true potential and activating a system that releases a miracle particle that allows people who subconciously want to reconcile with others to have their chance to communicate on a more direct level instead of slaughtering one another, or a girl realizing her true potential and singing pop songs that allow a race of giant barbarians to experience culture and surrender instead of slaughtering the whole damn human race?  Hmmmmm…I love asking myself impossible questions. 😛 Continue reading ‘Random Musing Of The Week (The Minmay Defence Vs. Trans-Am Burst Mode)’

About What Happened Last Night (The Gundam 00 Episode 24 Drinking Game Results Are In)


The Moment I Have Been Waiting For All Season Has Come At Last.  To Saji x Louise Reborn! *downs a shot*

I just fudged it and guessed so I drank the equivalent of 8 shots of whiskey last night.  Did I overdrink or underdrink?  Do you actually care?  If so find out now: Continue reading ‘About What Happened Last Night (The Gundam 00 Episode 24 Drinking Game Results Are In)’

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