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H2O- Episode 12 – H2O Final…

And so it ends, and I have to say that this end did rock my soul. The ending is just as perfect as it could have been and I won’t have it any other way. Sweep way any thoughts of a bad end because they aim for a happy one (and about time a series did this).

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H2O- Episode 11 – Hirose…

Now this is the time for this series to really shine. And shine it DID. Completely unexpected turn of events, angst fest and just plain crazy. THIS IS DRAMAAAA!!!

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H2O- Episode 10 – Kohinata…

Awww…I just knew that the love we saw was too good to last. Let this be a lesson to you all, always run the opposite direction from the elderly, as you never know what they might say (evil granddad =___=). Apologies for being late, but for this ep, it is worth it 😉

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H2O- Episode 9 – Hozumi…

With Otoha out of the picture now all that is left is to solve Takuma’s problems, and boy do they seem like big news with the revelation of Takuma’s mother revealed…

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H2O- Episode 8 – Otoha…

Watch out for the randomness! Magical shoujo Otoha is present! O.o

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H2O- Episode 7 – Hotaru…

Hinata, Hotaru, Hinata…just who is who? Many revealed secrets this week including the true identity of Otoha (like we didn’t see it coming a mile away).

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H2O- Episode 6 – Yui…

Not the most looked forward to episode considering that it is focusing on someone I (and most of us) dislike. But still, it is only fair to show both sides of the story before passing judgement…

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