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[Epitanime 2012] Ryukishi07’s conference transcriptions

Hey there everyone! I guess I shouldn’t make any more excuses, but well I guess I will keep posting special posts such like about events like I did starting 2 years ago (although having a once per year update is quite sad in retrospect).
Anyway, as the title suggest, this entry will cover the conferences held at Epitanime (France, 25-27 may 2012), with Ryukishi07 as the guest of honor. I decide to stick with the transcription alone, as I had an uncommon status during the convention, so I was helping the staff almost full time, so I unfortunately couldn’t exactly take part of the convention activities, check what the booth had at their disposal, nor even taking few pictures, so it would be a lump of text with just description of what I did with Ryukishi07 and the staff (well, unless you REALLY want to know about the boring stuff, but heh unlikely).
Anyway, considering the staff had set a conference for both Saturday and Sunday, we simply focused each of them on Higurashi and Umineko respectively.


[Note for french readers/Note pour les lecteurs français]: Salut tout le monde! Bon, je sais que je ne dois plus vraiment chercher d’excuses à ce sujet, donc je pense que je vais simplement continuer à faire des billets spéciaux sur des événements dont j’ai pu participé (même si une mise à jour par an est assez triste quand on y pense).
Bien, comme le titre le suggère, ce billet va passer en revu les conférences tenues à l’Epitanime (France, 25-27 mai 2012), avec Ryukishi en tant qu’invité d’honneur. J’ai décidé de limiter cet article sur les transcriptions uniquement, vu que j’avais une position assez différente durant la convention, en aidant le staff presque durant tout le temps de la convention, donc je n’ai malheuresement pas pu participer aux activités de la conventions, passer en revu les stands et les marchandises dont ils disposaient, et je n’ai pu faire que très peu de photo, donc à ce rythme, ca aurait été un bloc de texte avec juste des descriptions de ce que j’ai fait avec Ryukishi07 et le staff (sauf si vous voulez VRAIMENT savoir ce qu’on a fait, pas specialement excitant).
Enfin donc, vu que le staff avait prevu une conference pour Samedi ET Dimanche, nous avons focalisé le theme de chacune de celles ci sur Higurashi et Umineko respectivement.
Si vous voulez passer directement sur la partie francaises, après le dash, faites CTRL+F, avec “frmode” (sans les guillemets).

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Straight Up Saturdays (Congratulations)

Hey, so guess what, I actually have a positive entry for this weeks Straight Up Saturday which may or may not provide you all with a glimpse into what actually still manages to touch my cold hard blackened soul.  Some people might know I like music, but they may not know I have a soft spot for Techno and Electronica.  Well I’ve just been blindsided by something I attribute to that genre and it’s completely made my night.  I told Klashhikari this was going to be big, but he doesn’t really care for it.  Me however, I think I may have just found a potential candidate for opening of the year.  Want to know what it is?  Have you guessed yet?  In any case here you go:

Higurashi Opening – Superscription Of Data

MAN!  Right at the get go with the build up it’s just impossible for me to resist a head jerk, it’s just so infectious.  Then the vocals kick in and it starts to feel more like a Higurashi song.  I’m blown away.  I can’t even think of any other opening out there this year that is anything quite like this either.  So catchy, so powerful, such good vocals, it’s just unbelievable to me.  People who know me know that I rarely have such words to attribute to much, but this song is one of those rare times.  Join the eternal playlist Superscription of Data….join the eternal playlist, you have made it.

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