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The Day Animesuki Decided Oppressing A Voice Was More Important Than Accomodating All Viewpoints

Well it finally happened, I’ve been permanently banned from Animesuki after all of these years for refusing to abide by what I felt was an arbitrary and unfair moderator condition and sticking to my guns of trying to be an honest, fair and progressive poster.  What exactly was the condition I refused to follow and felt it was more important to put my voice and opinion ahead of people might ask, well this is the last message I received from the moderator who has appeared to have it out for me quite some time:

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[C] The Money of Possibility And Soul Control – A Cult Classic In The Making

Wow….what can I say.  I just got finished watching the final episode a rather peculiar (to put it mildly) noitaminA show that styles itself by the rather bizarre name [C] The Money of Possibility and Soul Control.

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Here’s To Us……(An Introduction To Civilization IV And Why It’s Become My Favourite Game Of All Time)

Absolute Power You Say......... 🙂

About a month ago I found myself coming into some extra money so I decided to treat myself to something and on a whim I bought the Civilization IV pack off of steam and fired it on up.  Previously I had played Civilization II during high school but was too young and inexperienced in strategy and resource management to be very good at it, and I had tried to install Civ IV on my old PC when it first came out only to watch as it chugged like my mother at bar (basically impossibly slow) and become more or less unplayable after about 30 seconds.  Now with a faster PC I felt I might get to enjoy the experience and felt that Civ IV would be able to give me the chance to do something I’ve always wanted to do…..lead an Empire to glorious victory and total dominance of the globe over an epic period of time while micromanaging EVERYTHING along the way.  It’s all here and it’s proven to be pretty much as close to the perfect game for me in just over a month, far surpassing my previous all time favourite of Fire Emblem:  Seisen No Keifu which stood in it’s place in my heart for close to a decade (I still love you Fire Emblem don’t worry).

With ghostlightning’s blessing I’ve decided to start a short series on Civilization IV and why I love the game so much, and tonight with some spare time (which will also be spent playing the game of course) I figured I’d get things started.  Truthfully I coul talk all day about the intracies of Civilization IV and in 1000’s of words still not totally sum up what it’s like to actually play and experience the game’s depth and scope, but I have other things to do tonight as well so I just want to briefly talk a bit about the things that make the game awesome to me and hopefully in the process convince a few people to give it a try. Continue reading ‘Here’s To Us……(An Introduction To Civilization IV And Why It’s Become My Favourite Game Of All Time)’

Gundam Tribute (First You Modernize The Mecha And Then You Modernize The Music)

Modernization of Gundam…..I talked a bit about the idea yesterday in the comment section for ghostlightnings article on Gundam 00’s final battle and how I thought the show might be an attempt to update Gundam for the 21st century paradigm we live in now.  Gundam Tribute I think has much the same idea in mind, only now it is about the Gundam sound rather than the core concept itself.

First off I bet some are asking “what is Gundam Tribute exactly”?  Well simply put it’s a collaboration between Sunrise/Bandai and Lantis and some of todays most popular music artists and idols in Japan to cover some of the classic Gundam songs and make an album out of it.  This is of course part of the 30th anniversary celebration for the franchise, but as I mentioned to the ghost yesterday I think it’s also a further example of Bandai’s current strategy of branching out and trying to bring new fans into the fold.  How exactly does this work with the music?  Well when you have the likes of Jam Project, CooRie and Little Non the latter two of whom are popular in the moe and eroge branches lending their status to Gundam songs (and vice versa) it may just help to bring the fans of their music into a greater awareness of Gundam and may even legitimize it for them as well.  Idol status goes a long way in Japan and while Gundam is an established tradition it’s not popular with all.  Gundam Wing branched out to female viewers and Gundam Seed branched out to a younger generation, but I think Bandai is always looking for new opportunities, and that’s an interesting thing.  I guess we’ll see what’s what, but for now I’m kind of eager to do some cross comparisons of the song covers on this album with their originals and to go over what they did with the pieces and what I as long time Gundam fan liked and disliked about these updates.

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Good Things Come To Those Who Wait (March Mecha Madness For 2010?)

votoms All good things come to an end

The latter half of 2009 has left me mecha starved with only a couple of titles (Basquash which was a huge disappointment and the awesome but alone Shin Mazinger), but 2010 is already looking up with the announcement of a new Votoms OVA (that makes 2 very recently with Pailsen Files in 2007) to finish off the story once and for all right around the same time as Gundam Unicorn is set to debut.  The way things are going it’s looking like 2010 is already going to be more active than 2009 as far as my blogging is concerned.   Continue reading ‘Good Things Come To Those Who Wait (March Mecha Madness For 2010?)’

What The Hell Happened With The Fall Season And How To Survive The Rest of 2009 (With A Curious Leadoff)

Ugh those tracks you just can’t stop repeating but you don’t care because they are so damn good you might as well let them stay playing for a week.  It’s that Senju Akira again and his dastardly slow building music that just keeps on building:

I could listen to that all day and perhaps maybe I’d rather listen to that all day then watch any one of the new anime series we have coming out this season.  And that’s what I’m really here to talk to you, but by all means let the song be a mood setter.  ghostlightning states “FFFFF We Hate the New Season” and calls it fail fall 09, but he doesn’t necessarily ask the question.  What is the question? Is there a question?  Well I certainly have one and it’s a certain “what the hell happened?!” as far as the last couple of seasons we dealt with actually.  Last season gave us a certain gem in Bakemonogatari and I’m sure people found something to suit their interests as well, but for mecha fans like the ghost and I it’s been pretty slimpickings.  There don’t seem to be any particular heavy hitters for the remainder of 2009, and in fact it’s arguable that the entirety of 2009 slipped by without any of the heavy hitters we’ve had almost every season from 2006-2008.  Have we been spoiled, or is the boom over so to speak?  Finally is it just me or have the bigshot companies just suddenly decided to collectively say, “2009 isn’t looking so good, let’s wait until 2010 before we spring the big stuff on them” and if so could the crash at the end of 2008 had something to do with the anime industry playing so conservatively this year?  I don’t pretend to have all the answers and hate to leave people hanging, but if indeed this is already it as far as the big 2009 titles go I wouldn’t mind sharing my survival strategy with everyone instead.  It’s a fairly simple one that should be adaptable to most people’s standards: Continue reading ‘What The Hell Happened With The Fall Season And How To Survive The Rest of 2009 (With A Curious Leadoff)’

Gundam Antagonists And Sexual Deviancy (Do They Go Hand In Hand?)


The top right corner features the image in question that has sparked some pretty interesting discussion

A lot of people have expressed surprise and even shock at this picture of Alejandro and Ribbons hugging that has been inserted into the special edition volumes of Gundam 00 and with it a new layer on top of an implied gay relationship between the two main series villains.  It sort of doesn’t come as a surprise given how they talked to each other, but then while discussing this idea with a friend I started to think more about it and realized that maybe, just maybe it shouldn’t come as a surprise in general.  As I looked back on the history of Gundam Villains I’ve started to notice in them what appeared to be at least one or more tendency’s towards a sexually deviant fetish or impulse, along with a tendency towards the sociopathy that most Gundam villains have been known to suffer from to a degree.  Consider the following that I came up with and maybe have a thought about it yourself and whether it is just sheer coincidence, me thinking to hard about it, or a clear and consistant pattern in building the personality of a Gundam Villains:

Note that this article will be posted on both Animehistory and We Remember Love

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The Wrestler Thoughts (A Next Generation Rocky)


So I just finished watching The Wrestler (I know this has nothing to do with anime, but I still like to talk about my western movies as people probably already know so please hear my out)  on my cable services On Demand feature and I realize that I’m about a year too late for this, but this movie was so strong that I felt I still had to say a few words regardless.  Here is what it basically all came down to for me in the end.  Randy “The Ram”, while his career may be one of the most fake and showy of them all, comes across as one of the few honest people in this movie, while everyone else in the “real world” comes across as fake or unrelenting to an extent.  I remember thinking early on in the movie as I saw The Ram and his opponents doing there thing in the ring that this profession is brutal and almost masochistic, but then I came to notice that after the match they were clearly all comrades and professionals who had nothing but the most honest and heartfelt respect for each other at the end of the day.  They were able to leave the profession in the ring when they hit that dressing room and support each other and be the best of friends, but the people in the “real world” as we came to see refused to leave their work where it belonged and ended up being far more brutal on The Ram in his civilian life than anything he endured as a pro wrestler.  Hard to believe, but consider this: Continue reading ‘The Wrestler Thoughts (A Next Generation Rocky)’

More Big News Everyone (The Horn Blowing Continues)

And we get a trailer

Wow the show is brand new and yet is already making me feel nostalgic.  I’m really liking how the character designs look when animated too.  Simply amazing so far. Continue reading ‘More Big News Everyone (The Horn Blowing Continues)’

Big News Everyone! (Gundam Unicorn Finally Blows It’s Horn And We Get A Cast Listing)


Who is Full Frontal?  Find Out By Watching Gundam Unicorn (Hint: His voice may sound familiar)

Obviously people know that Gundam Unicorn is my most anticipated upcoming series this year, so the moment some real news broke about it I just had to be there to get the scoopu.  Here’s our cast for Gundam Unicorn: Continue reading ‘Big News Everyone! (Gundam Unicorn Finally Blows It’s Horn And We Get A Cast Listing)’

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