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Kamen no Maid Guy ~ Episode 5 ~ Maid guy hair rape

Yeah so I hand Klash the honourable job of blogging this series and he just runs away. Well its weeks late but at least its here (for those who still haven’t seen *cough*). [Oh and Klash was just busy with preparing for exams, just like me unfortunately].

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Kamen no Maid Guy ~ Episode 4 ~ Pantsu Inspection

*Cough* Klashikari here… Much like for SNH, Deathkillz suddenly forc… i mean “asked nicely” to me to take care of this week’s episode of Kamen no Maid guy.
Ah well, whatever, as I will obviously cover another hillarous episode of Maid Guy!
This week, it will be about pantsu but… not really in the “flashing” way you might expect (unlike a certain pantsu to vampire heh…), the usual “A new Challenger appears !” KoGARashi is again, awesome!

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Kamen no maid guy ~ episode 3 ~ Maido Lovu!?

*cough* credit goes to Klash for the cheesy Title. And here comes another helping fof Kamen maid guy. This week, we tackle a more important problem for Naeka which had to come sooner or later; the subject of love (or lack of) in her life. Well, don’t expect much of a summary (seen as I hardly do them on time in anyway) but here are some nice screencaps instead ^^

Image Hosted by

This makes Higurashi look like…*gets gagged*

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