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Kara no Kyoukai ~ 3rd movie ~ Another tragic character? And this time, she doesn’t feel pain!

…Or for at least part of the movie she was. Well, finally the third movie is out and I just have to say what an impressive speed on the fansub version because to be honest, I know myself that I wouldn’t have understood much besides the visual parts if it wasn’t for the subtitles so thankyou gg-TakaJun.

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Ah, you crazy so and so-

On a more important note, yes this is the third movie and it came at us with a bang. I think I may have watched too many movies lately but mah whatever, this was enjoyable for its length and I was surprised at how quickly time flew.

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Kara no Kyoukai, Movie 1

I confess, before watching this movie I have to admit that I knew absolutely nothing other than it was by Type-Moon and that it is loosely connected to Tsukihime. So coming into this at a blind, I was open to accept whatever Nasu had to throw at the viewer and it was…interesting to say the least.

~~Colourful eyes~~

One thing which I didn’t expect (which I should have actually) was that this movie completely throws the viewer into the deep end and expect you to pick up the theme rather quickly, talk about a steep learning curve. Continue reading ‘Kara no Kyoukai, Movie 1’

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