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Lucky Star OVA Summary And Thoughts

It’s time to take a trip all the way back to where it first began.  Some may say I made my bones with Gundam 00, still others would say I talked way too much about Code Geass, but before that, before I became “too serious”, there was….

Hmmmm….no I don’t believe that was it

That’s Better

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This Week In Weird Anime Related News In The Mainstream Media

Imagine Your Sitting In Your House, TV On And Tuned To Fox News, Watching The Latest Polls On John McCain And That Dastardly Barack Obama When You Open Your Good Old Wholesome Red Tie And Black Shirt Conservative Wall Street Journal To Find This Picture Staring Back At You.  Will You Become A Democrat?

You might be familiar with this one, have you heard about this, have you seen this?  Well among other news, Lucky Star as many know managed to make into the Wall Street Journal in what seems like the final logical destination for it in becoming a fully realized commodity as opposed to a working anime/manga franchise.  Okay, that’s not entirely true actually, although the WSJ would have you think so.  It’s more about how a small town that happens to be the real life location of the Lucky Star universes Washinomiya Shrine where Tsukasa and Kagami reside managed to take advantage of a potentially annoying situation for the purposes of monetary profit.  Continue reading ‘This Week In Weird Anime Related News In The Mainstream Media’

Lucky Star OVA Update

Yes Kyoani is doing it, yes the original cast is back, yes to everything.  So now that what’s important to people is out of the way we can just sit back and wait then yes?  Oh right the plot…..nobody cares about the plot, we’re talking Kagami Hiiragi (Personally I prefer Kagami Kuro, but that comes later) and possible tsundere moments.  At least the OVA will give Kaori Fukuhara and Minoru Shiraishi something to do besides being a bridge bunny in Macross Frontier (speaking of which I’ve gotta get on that) and ummmmmmm something.  Yeah remember that guy that liked to gyrate around at the end of every episode.  Nobody loved him. 😦

Update:  Yeah so apparently the plot is going to revolve around (as in central theme) a battle of wits between Konata and the Anime Tenchou, and it doesn’t sound like the other characters are really going to factor in too much.  The Anime Tenchou being a feature character gives Kadokawa the chance to really go at hawking their wares with their most popular property and through said property possibly enhance the sales of their other works and maybe (Pfft!) pull themselves out of the red ink for the next quarter.

I don’t mean to sound like too much of a downer, but this sure sounds like a cash in.  Also people looking for more Kagami, Tsukasa and Miyuki, I’m not sure you should get your hopes up to much as the ad very much has Konata and Anime Tenchou in the foreground and everybody else in the background.  Then again I can’t say I expected anything but cheap commericialism from Kadokawa anymore.  They don’t even care about what they are doing to their properties and characters, only about how it can make them money and it’s going to continue backfiring in the long run, I can feel it.

Lucky Staruhi OVA Announced By Kadokawa Shoten



I guess when Kadokawa’s revenue is about to run out on Lucky Star DVD’s and Code Geass isn’t enough for this corporation, plus when they are in the red , they come to one and only one desperate conclusion.  MORE LUCKY STAR!  No word on whether they are getting their favourite creatively challenged pet studio, the one with the popular reputation as opposed to their’s to do it. Continue reading ‘Lucky Staruhi OVA Announced By Kadokawa Shoten’

The Final Rating/Rating Of Lucky Star

SURPRISE!  Behind the scenes I’ve actually been following this series, and now that I’m finished it, I decided to share my final review and rating of it as well.  This is more simple than the average review I do, but then again, Lucky Star was a more simple show than I usually watched.  So Here Goes: Continue reading ‘The Final Rating/Rating Of Lucky Star’

The Melancholy Of Lucky Staruhi Episode 16


Since Kaioshin Sama declined to review this episode in favour of listening to Fire Emblem Music, I, his evil twin, Shin Oiakamas the crazed fanboy will be filling in.  Today we see what is clearly the greatest anime episode of all time, and I will show the doubters out there why, starting now……………. Continue reading ‘The Melancholy Of Lucky Staruhi Episode 16’

Lucky Staruhi Episode 15 Examination

Class 3-B, Kuroi Sensei, Ow My Ears, Yeah Yeah….Wait The Hell?!…… Continue reading ‘Lucky Staruhi Episode 15 Examination’

Lucky Star Episode 14 Examination

Today we meet two new characters in the Lucky Star Universe and let me tell you these two make quite an odd couple…… Continue reading ‘Lucky Star Episode 14 Examination’

Lucky Star Episode 13 Examination

Lucky Star 13, or would the number 13 contradict that Lucky Star, let’s find out as I run through this episode…… Continue reading ‘Lucky Star Episode 13 Examination’

Lucky Star Episode 12, Kadokawa….Er I Apparently Mean “Comiket” Breakdown Spectacular

And so it begins, Episode 12 of Lucky Star, the halfway point with some interesting and bizarre stuff going down, here we go…. Continue reading ‘Lucky Star Episode 12, Kadokawa….Er I Apparently Mean “Comiket” Breakdown Spectacular’

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