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Macross Crusade (Because It Was Bound To Happen Eventually)

Anyone remember that Sunrise Crusade card game series I talked about a good while back and posted some cards from?  Well a recent check up on the game reveals that not only is it in it’s 8th set, but the Crusade series has also expanded to include Macross as well:
Minmay In Concert

Minmay In Concert

The Macross Itself

The Macross Itself

My Personal Favourite, The Max Jenius Custom Valkyrie

My Personal Favourite, The Max Jenius Custom Valkyrie

Alto's Custom Valkyrie

Alto's Custom Valkyrie

Klein Klan

Klein Klan

Ranka And Sheryl Duet

Ranka And Sheryl Duet

Of course there’s much more and it’s awesome that this is happening now.  Hopefully this means we might get to see some of the other mecha series get their own card sets as well besides Sunrise and Macross and that the Crusade series will keep expanding cause it’s awesome.  Especially for people like me.

Random Musing Of The Week (The Minmay Defence Vs. Trans-Am Burst Mode)


Setsuna F Seiei and Lynn Minmay, Changing The Future The Anime Way

In teasing over the events of Gundam 00 Episode 24 and discussing Macross a bit with ghostlightning I suddenly stumbled upon an interesting question that I had to ask myself.  Which do I find a more unlikely event, a guy realizing his true potential and activating a system that releases a miracle particle that allows people who subconciously want to reconcile with others to have their chance to communicate on a more direct level instead of slaughtering one another, or a girl realizing her true potential and singing pop songs that allow a race of giant barbarians to experience culture and surrender instead of slaughtering the whole damn human race?  Hmmmmm…I love asking myself impossible questions. 😛 Continue reading ‘Random Musing Of The Week (The Minmay Defence Vs. Trans-Am Burst Mode)’

If Gundam And Macross Had A Love Child And It Became It’s Own Show, What Would It’s Combat And Tactics Look Like?

You know I’ve often wondered what a Science Fiction series would be like if it combined Macross and Gundam’s respective theories of combat and usage of technology.  Last night I think I might have gotten my answer from a Battlestar Galactica episode in what I like to call the Adama Maneuver.  The scenario is a classic one, you’ve got people on the surface of a planet that need rescuing, but the planet is both blockaded and heavily fortified on the ground as well.  Your only option is to create some sort of distraction, get in there to provide air support to cover the people’s escape and get yourself back out in time to hold off the enemies in orbit.  What do you do?

The Adama Maneuver, combining the Sumeragi theory of blitz tactics in atmospheric re-entry and the Global theory in using folds in the most dangerous situations possible where even one miscalculation could mean screwing everybody over.  Add in the provision of air support, combined with the threat of dropping the equivalent of a colony on the bad guys to scare the living shit out of them and you’ve got yourself a fine blend of Gundam and Macross tactics and combat theory right there.  At least I think so


If you want to see the Adama Maneuver with it’s original audio then I uploaded it here.

Macross Frontier OST 2 “Nyan Tora” Review

Nyan Tora Tora Tora…..Scary….

Hey you!  Yeah, you the guy over there!  I know what you want!  I can see my blogging stats and search engine hits!  It’s a Macross Frontier OST 2 review right?!  Well here it is.  This is the latest Yoko Kanno OST, it’s awesome, 10/10, end of story!

I….it’s not?  Well Anya’s telling me it’s that apparently my review isn’t good enough.  Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to do this properly then. Continue reading ‘Macross Frontier OST 2 “Nyan Tora” Review’

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Macross Frontier Experiments In Better Opening Themes

Seikan Hikou By Megumi Nakajima

You know, why am I not surprised that I like this song way better then Triangular which I of course loathe and won’t even listen to anymore.  I mean I’ve liked every Megumi Nakajima song so far and this one is no exception.  On top of being extremely relaxing and catchy as opposed to screechy and stress inducing as I groove instead of scramble for the time bar on my Media Play Classic GUI, it features some very funny visuals of a chibi Ranka just dancing along with NyanNyan imagery.  Can the Macross Frontier Staff in charge of openings please just scrub Triangler forever and use Megumi Nakajima songs now…..pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase?  That way I’m not leaping across the room for my keyboard every time the teasers finish abruptly and the opening comes on as a shrill “KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII” comes into play……sigh…..

Sometimes Something Has To Give

So when the spring season started I took it upon myself to try and follow two series at once with full summaries and thoughts on each episode.  Lately I’ve found it very hard to stay caught up on both while balancing work, and also lately I’ve been getting back into RPG gaming somewhat and have taken up watching Stargate SG-1.  Continue reading ‘Sometimes Something Has To Give’

Macross Frontier OST Review

I Never Thought I’d Say It, But I Actually Miss Macross Plus’ Goofy Ass Logo

Okay, look, since everybody has said their peace about the Macross Frontier OST, and how it’s Yoko Kanno, blablabla, I thought I’d give my own take on it.  Not being a fanboy or affected by trends, name dropping etc. I took this OST as if it were any other OST done by any other person regardless of reputation other than that which I perceive and judge by myself as an individual.  Yoko Kanno’s name doesn’t mean anything to me by itself if she doesn’t deliver excellent music, and did she………sort of.  Is it the best OST of the year?  Probably not, after all the year is young.  Is it an amazing OST?  Not by my standards.  Is it okay to listen to?  Mostly yes.  Let’s look at this in a little more detail shall we.

Continue reading ‘Macross Frontier OST Review’

Macross Frontier Episode 08 (High School Queen Or Let’s Run This S*** Into The Ground)

When The Very First In Episode Screen You See Is Something That Could Pass As The Title Screen For An Eroge Then You Immediately Know Where Your Expectations Should Be Set

So if people think I’ve been putting this episode off….you’d probably be right.  I had heard a lot of things about this episode that made me wary and now I’ve finally sat down to actually give it a look.  Let’s just do this thing shall we… Continue reading ‘Macross Frontier Episode 08 (High School Queen Or Let’s Run This S*** Into The Ground)’

Macross Frontier Episode 07 Summarized In Newspeak

Just for kicks I though I’d try something different and try to do what I think a summary of this episode would sound like in Newspeak.  Here goes. Continue reading ‘Macross Frontier Episode 07 Summarized In Newspeak’

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