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The End Of Moetan (Part 3)

The Return Of Loli(er) Sumi

In the choice between writing about either Code Geass or Macross Frontier, I chose Moetan.  Episode 09 this time which is lighter on the fanservice (for Moetan that is) and is actually kind of…..kind of *spasms*………cute.  That took a lot out of me right there.  Well let’s continue.  This episode like other Moetan episodes is NSFW as are the thumbnails contained within. Continue reading ‘The End Of Moetan (Part 3)’

The End of Moetan (Part 2)

Writer: We’re Out Of Ideas For This Week, What Do We Do?  Other Writer:  Add More Loli?  Writer: GREAT IDEA!  Other Writer:  I Was Only Joking…

Continue reading ‘The End of Moetan (Part 2)’

The End Of Moetan (Part 1)


Told in six shorts installments with lolitastic pictures, Moetan is brought to an end for the first time that I know of in the western anime community.  We now begin with part 1. Continue reading ‘The End Of Moetan (Part 1)’

Moetan Episode 06 (Most Shameless Loli Contest And Ink’s Date)


Remember how I said back in September that it might be a while until I blog the next Moetan episode?  Well was it ever, but finally episode 06 came out on DVD and Lolidan did a sub for episode 07.  With availability for the series on the rise again and likely a slight increase in interest as well, I bring people the infamous episode that could not be shown on television.  It should be immediately obvious why……..By the way, there’s a Most Shameless Loli contest I ran with this episode as well…….. Continue reading ‘Moetan Episode 06 (Most Shameless Loli Contest And Ink’s Date)’

Moetan Episode 05 (Time For Things To Get Movin….Right?)


Finally some more Lolitan thanks to the people at Lolidan, which has now overtaken Kedex on the Moetan subs, who seem to have dropped out of the fansubbing game entirely. That matters not cause it’s Loli’s Time (That’s actually a valid translation of Kodomo No Jikan according to some Chinese Bootlegger) again…… wait wrong show……

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Moetan Episode 4 The Return Of The Magical Girl


Nobody, But Nobody Calls Her Chicken

Yes!  Finally a new sub for Moetan, which means  I can finally start blogging it again since I don’t like to blog unless I can get all the details.  This time we get a new girl in the form of a pop idol named Alice Shiratori…..who of course is more than she appears to be. Read on…. Continue reading ‘Moetan Episode 4 The Return Of The Magical Girl’

Moetan/Lolitan Episode 3 Examination


It’s finally time to get back in gear with Moetan, the show deemed so risque that an episode was recently pulled from Television and replaced with a clip show…. Continue reading ‘Moetan/Lolitan Episode 3 Examination’

Moetan/Lolitan/Gundamtan Episode 02 Examination

If one magical loli running around isn’t good enough how about adding a new one, only make this one a snobby rich girl with a superiority complex and a huge temper who has no business getting any of ZA LOLI POWAA….. Continue reading ‘Moetan/Lolitan/Gundamtan Episode 02 Examination’

Moetan Episode 1 Examination


I Wonder If He’s Going To Say “This Is No Zaku Boy No Zaku”

Moetan begins with a man named Arks Sheldart, Elbyas about to be tried for unknown crimes, but breaking out and getting chased by a man who looks like Ramba Ral from Mobile Suit Gundam…..


It Begins

Continue reading ‘Moetan Episode 1 Examination’

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