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Myself;Yourself – Episode 13 – (Final)

A bit late due to Xmas XD Here is the final episode for this series ^^

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Myself;Yourself – Episode 12 – Nanaka’s past…

Well, the series is nearing it’s climax. This week we all expected that it would be about Nanaka past considering the preview. However, some may find it a disappointment seen the way the story is being written seems to call for a rather hectic end. Oh well ^^

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Myself;Yourself – Episode 11 – Didn’t see this coming!!!

Now, I might be egged for this, but to me this was one of the most awesome twists ever (for better or for worse). While some might have guessed that Asami was the cause of the mysterious letter sent in epsiode 10, who would have guessed her reason for it. None of us would have seen this coming and yes…who would have guessed that Asami turned out to be yuri O.O

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Myself;Yourself – Episode 10 – Sibling love and oil pollution

This week is yet another breakthrough…oh yea…the environmentalists are going to have a field day with this *rolleyes*
(This week it’s a special edition presentation with inner narration/thoughts from yours truly :))

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Myself;Yourself – Episode 9 – Nanaka’s Past

This week, we see more hints about Nanaka’s past as well as the problem Shuri is facing. More emotional traumas yet to come O.O

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Myself;Yourself – Episode 8 – The red mail box and a shocking truth

Completely dramatized! Lots of explinations given in this episode, you just have to feel sorry for Nanaka (or face her wrath ^^).

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Myself;Yourself – Episode 7 – Teacher’s sweet, sweet caramel

It’s that time again. From the preview last week many speculations have been brought up for Nanaka’s freaked out face, so just what happened? continue and be amazed ^^ (and hopefully the dam screencaps work this week T.T)

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Myself;Yourself – Episode 6 – another LoliTASTIC! Episode!

Here we have it, another hinko filled episode with all the trimmings. Lets just see what what happens this time when Hinako decides to move into Sana’s house for a day…  Continue reading ‘Myself;Yourself – Episode 6 – another LoliTASTIC! Episode!’

Myself;Yourself – Episode 5 – DereDere Pout and flaming walls!?!

Delays after delays damn! Ahh well I might have episode 4 up later this week but for now it is time for episode 5 (just ignore the time jump if you will XD). Well it was a little different from what I expected looking at the preview as we don’t see Nanaka yelping in fear ghosts, though we do see her yelping for a different reason ^^

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Myself;Yourself – Episode 4 – LoliTASTIC!

Yep, you heard me, this was a lolitastic episode if I have ever seen one myself. This week we see how Shuu manages to get some of the love from this series (and it is about time that someone other than just the lead male got some attention). This happens when he saves a loli from some bullies, though not just any loli. I have to say that she is one of the most perfect silver haired, lush golden eyes, flat chested and killer zettai ryouiki loli I have ever seen (with the added bonus of being an oujo sama type…oh and very persuasive).

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