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Enabling The Governor General Or Canadian Politics Is A Geass

So apparently in an attempt to prove that Canadian politics can be just as interesting as America’s (even though nobody is actually paying attention) it looks like Stephane Dion has finally made a move.  Any sort of move that is.  What did he do?  Well read for yourselves,  You’re probably wondering if I still have your attention just what all of that means.  Well it’s simple really, Dion, the leader of the Federal Liberal Party of Canada, if you didn’t already know, has signed a coalition pact with the leaders of the NDP and Bloc Quebecois in order to gain enough willing seats in the house to vote down the Conservative Budget during Monday’s session of parliament, which would of course force a confidence vote in which they would put through a vote of non-confidence in Harper’s ability to govern.  The Governor-General would then actually have to assign an interim government and because the Liberal’s would essentially have majority support in parliament, this would make Stephane Dion the next Prime Minister until an election is called.  Yeah, they can do that in a Parliamentary democracy.

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Of Justice And Manhood (American Politics Y)

Proving that America’s political landscape truly is the most entertaining thing on the face of the Earth, here are some stories from the Aftermath of the historic 2008 Presidential Election. Continue reading ‘Of Justice And Manhood (American Politics Y)’

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