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Hail To The King Baby! (Random Musings About A Surprise Gem)

Kuroyukihime Anime's No. 1 Beautiful Character

Kuroyukihime Anime’s No. 1 Beautiful Character

Might as well have read Anime’s No. 1 heroine for 2012.  Anyway not sure of the full context of the magazine or even which one it’s from but man do some characters just kind of have it all going.  Not only do many consider this to be the most attractive character out there in 2012, but also one of the most interesting, bravest, coolest, craftiest, most cunning and most capable too meaning it was rarely a dull moment whenever she was on camera.  She’s also the flat out best at everything the show is about too but unlike Kirito in SAO she totally gets away with it and doesn’t have to face the Mary/Gary Stu accusations that Kirito got.  Is she just that above that sort of thing in viewers eyes?  Kawahara Reki’s universe just seems so unfair at times, maybe there’s need for a change of venue.  If there’s ever an Accel World appearance in Super Robot Wars (please let this happen Bamco!  You put Tekkaman Blade, Orgun, Virtual-On and even Heroman in there so I’m sure this is doable) Char Aznable can recruit her into his army (you know he’d totally want to for more than one reason 0.0) and along with Haman Khan they can go off and try to conquer the world together and she can learn how to be second best at some things.   Continue reading ‘Hail To The King Baby! (Random Musings About A Surprise Gem)’

Gundam Antagonists And Sexual Deviancy (Do They Go Hand In Hand?)


The top right corner features the image in question that has sparked some pretty interesting discussion

A lot of people have expressed surprise and even shock at this picture of Alejandro and Ribbons hugging that has been inserted into the special edition volumes of Gundam 00 and with it a new layer on top of an implied gay relationship between the two main series villains.  It sort of doesn’t come as a surprise given how they talked to each other, but then while discussing this idea with a friend I started to think more about it and realized that maybe, just maybe it shouldn’t come as a surprise in general.  As I looked back on the history of Gundam Villains I’ve started to notice in them what appeared to be at least one or more tendency’s towards a sexually deviant fetish or impulse, along with a tendency towards the sociopathy that most Gundam villains have been known to suffer from to a degree.  Consider the following that I came up with and maybe have a thought about it yourself and whether it is just sheer coincidence, me thinking to hard about it, or a clear and consistant pattern in building the personality of a Gundam Villains:

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C76: Nanoha movie and psp game preview

I can almost die as a happy man
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There’s Not A Whole Lot Goin’ On (Or….Did I Get My Money’s Worth This Week)

ghost town

Well it’s true, I don’t really have too much to write about other then maybe a couple of mildly intriguing experiences that I have had this week so it’s going to be this and then……well… Continue reading ‘There’s Not A Whole Lot Goin’ On (Or….Did I Get My Money’s Worth This Week)’

Random Musing Of The Month (Are Solid Plot And Characters The Key To Making An Anime Successful?)

I used to think so, but hear this.  Lately it seems the level of regard and discussion a show gets is directly in contrast to the complexity of the plot and any interesting and multi-faceted characters it contains.  The more plot points working at once the more people pick it apart because of there being more of an avenue to do so,  The more characters that frequently do things that affect other characters and the overall plot, the more people pick it apart as well, because somewhere, someplace some character is going to get the short end of the stick in a big way when it comes to their role in the story.  Thus judging by the types of shows that seem to have been making it big critically in the past year or so, it’s starting to seem like the solution to dodging heavy criticism of a show’s premise and depiction has become to have as little of one as possible and to substitute it with arguably unrealistic depictions of people (and to some extent life and society in general) doing whatever that ultimately serves little more then the purpose of making the viewer feel good and relaxed.  This also allows a show the defence of it being possible to say that it is not really trying to be anything more than “x” and thus to argue that criticism of a premise or character portrayal is unwarranted.  Very clever if this is indeed a trend on the rise in the anime industry….although like other times it’s highly possible I’m just imagining it all……….that is why I call this the random musing section though. 😛

Random Musing Of The Day (On K-On And Popularity)

I wonder if it’s not that K-On is extremely incomparably popular in the western hemisphere based on it’s own merits, so much as people like writing low content posts (especially of the “moe moe kyun” variety) about how popular it is at an accelerated rate and in such a manner that makes it seem like it’s the case.  There’s no easy way of denying that it’s content is a popular and controversial topic of conversation at it’s inception, but it’s starting to seem like it hit it’s peak in terms of self-generated popularity a little while before what we have gotten in the last couple of weeks and has instead been feeding into itself in terms of perception of popularity in a way that makes it seem like it’s getting moreso.  Is intense and constant mention of a single event in one episode really a sign of growing and overwhelming popularity, or just a sign that people feel the need to talk about it because it’s perceived as popular and relevant, thus creating a substantial portion of the popularity in the process?  How much does K-On owe to itself in terms of popularity, and how much does it owe to it’s fans conversational quirks?  But one of many questions to ponder.

1,000,000th milestone hit!

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Tacos, tacos, tacos…oh wait!

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Revival from the land of the rising sun

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Waiiii, banzaiiii!

So I am finally back from my holiday (well, I have been back for the past few days already but as expected there was a lot to catch up on not to mention still feeling a bit jet lagged) and I can honestly say that the title for this entry isn’t a mistake with utter delight.

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Random Musing Of The Day (On Pandora Hearts)

Would the name “Alice in Chains” be an appropriate alternate title to Pandora Hearts or is the naming and terminology behind this show just sheer coincidence?

Random Musing Of The Day (On Realism In Anime)

Realism to me seems like dangerous measure for judging anime and one that I think is prone to bias, arbitrariness and misuse.  Is there such as thing as the truly realistic anime?  Is there truly a universal set of criteria for defining what constitutes realism or is just what one chooses to make of the idea(l)?  Should the final judgement of an anime be heavily weighted towards it’s supposed emphasis on realism? 

I don’t know for sure, but if it were me doing so then I think almost every anime ever made would probably get a 1/10 and an immediate dismissal if I were to grade heavily on the basis of absolute realism and it’s portrayal therein.

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