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Revival from the land of the rising sun

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Waiiii, banzaiiii!

So I am finally back from my holiday (well, I have been back for the past few days already but as expected there was a lot to catch up on not to mention still feeling a bit jet lagged) and I can honestly say that the title for this entry isn’t a mistake with utter delight.

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Random Musing Of The Day (On Pandora Hearts)

Would the name “Alice in Chains” be an appropriate alternate title to Pandora Hearts or is the naming and terminology behind this show just sheer coincidence?

Random Musing Of The Day (On Realism In Anime)

Realism to me seems like dangerous measure for judging anime and one that I think is prone to bias, arbitrariness and misuse.  Is there such as thing as the truly realistic anime?  Is there truly a universal set of criteria for defining what constitutes realism or is just what one chooses to make of the idea(l)?  Should the final judgement of an anime be heavily weighted towards it’s supposed emphasis on realism? 

I don’t know for sure, but if it were me doing so then I think almost every anime ever made would probably get a 1/10 and an immediate dismissal if I were to grade heavily on the basis of absolute realism and it’s portrayal therein.

Random Musing Of The Day (Some Light Philosophy On Anime Forums)

To me mass complaining and rabid worship are two sides of the same anime fandom coin, and both show a discussional value of zero on their face. It’s all about balance and the rare chance that you can get that coin to lend end up. That is forum discussion nirvana in my opinion.

Gone fishin’ (for about three weeks)

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Awwwww Toeto, why so sad ;_____;

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Random Musing Of The Day (On “Plot Holes”)


If this or that anime is so full of huge glaring plot holes, how come nobody can ever manage to point a legitimate and undisputable one out to me? :/

Or is it just that the defintion of the term plot hole has seen some degradation over the years?  I’m not entirely certain yet, but I think plot hole has become one of those “I can’t define it, but I know it when I see it” affairs.

Random Musing Of The Day (Formula For Enjoyment Of Currently Running Anime On The Community Level)

Kaioshin’s Anime Enjoyment Index = (Ability to suspend disbelief  as a described by a number between 1 and 10 at the lowest and highest end of the scale respectively) + (Anime’s ability to entertain me as described by a number between 1 and 10 at the lowest and highest end of the scale respectively) + (Anime’s ability to tell a good story, have good music, good animation, good voice acting and intriguing well executed themes described as a number between 1 and 10 at the lowest and highest end of the scale respectively x 1.5) – (Time spent discussing said anime on forums in minutes per week where the discussion is informative and fun – when it is irritating) – (Time spent reading about said anime on blogs where the post is a purely bashing one with no room for meaningful commentary as expressed by a factor of time in minutes per week x 5) 

If the index number is at or higher then 10 I am generally enjoying said anime on some level.  If it’s higher then 25 I am really enjoying it on a multitude of levels.  If it’s lower then 10 but higher then five I am feeling wishy washy towards it, but if it’s lower then 0 then I’m not enjoying it at all. Continue reading ‘Random Musing Of The Day (Formula For Enjoyment Of Currently Running Anime On The Community Level)’

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