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Katsuki was unable to tell properly to Misae about Igaarashi and various worries ensue. However, Misae will stay strong and despite how awkward both of them were interacting at first, Katsuki and Misae will share a bond that even reality would fail to sever.

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ChäoS;HEad, Episode 4

The new Gene case happened and this time, a very familiar phrase is present right in the crime scene, haunting Takumi in the process. Cornered everywhere, Taku will try to find salvation in a sword, but he will actually find someone more effective than that.

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Bloody Backstabbers

Talk About Your Bland First Promotional Artworks

So it seems for all the praise I’ve given to Sunrise the last 6 or so months for some work well done, they’ve sought to stab me in the back by foregoing the chance at a new mecha series, and more importantly the chance at actually doing Gaogaigar Project Z, to give use ANOTHER BLOODY MAI HIME! Continue reading ‘Bloody Backstabbers’

An Epic End To An Epic Series (This isn’t Anime Related)


The Federation And The Dominion Sign The Treaty Of Bajor.  The War Is Over

You know how most great shows often have cop out or terrible endings?  Well not Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.  In a 9 part finale leading up to what amount to a movie length Series Final in What You Leave Behind, this series redefines the term epic in a distinctly 90’s fashion. Continue reading ‘An Epic End To An Epic Series (This isn’t Anime Related)’

Fire Emblem: Gundam Of Dawn?


 Well I just finished the first arc of Fire Emblem Goddess of Dawn, that being Micaiah’s, and I have to say……………….boy does this storyline remind me of Zeta Gundam.  Inside I lay out exactly why I get this feeling from Micaiah’s story….. Continue reading ‘Fire Emblem: Gundam Of Dawn?’

Gundam 00 Episode 04 (Foreign Negotiation)


We begin this time with the HRL president denouncing the Celestial Beings actions as unprovoked attacks on his nation, which have resulted in the deaths of over 140 of it’s soldiers, and that he is labelling their actions as terrorist attacks.  The CB’s  Ptolemaios division are watching this announcement and one of the operators starts to wonder about what the president has stated, but Tiera steps up to reaffirm his belief in the correctness of the CB’s solution for peace, and says that if the HRL pushes back, then they will have to use even more force in their interventions to get their message across.  Back on Earth Setsuna watches the HRL announcement while looking at a newsclipping of Schenberg.  Once Tohru Furuya gives his briefing for the day (which is the same as last one other than mentioning the events of the previous episode), I can get underway for real………. Continue reading ‘Gundam 00 Episode 04 (Foreign Negotiation)’

The Top 20 Most Asskicking, Crotch Stomping Badass Lolis Around #11 (Part 2)

People waited and now they finally have the second of this two parter…. Continue reading ‘The Top 20 Most Asskicking, Crotch Stomping Badass Lolis Around #11 (Part 2)’

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