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School Days, episode 12 [end] summary and thoughts.

It is alive!! Despite all the recent worries and information we might not see episode 12 at all prior to DVD releases the episode was actually aired. And so – with this episode the lovely school days of our teenage cast comes to an end. And uh boy – what an ending that is …

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“Nice Boat” Strikes back! – More WTF on School Days…

 EDIT 1: 26/09/07

Okey this is getting ridiculous. If it wasnt bad enough that school days has been delayed for a pretty dumb (but thoughtful) reason now we are getting news that episode 12 will only be a special event. According to here and some hearsay translations apparently Overflow (the creator of the School Days game) will be holding a special preview event where Continue reading ‘“Nice Boat” Strikes back! – More WTF on School Days…’

School Day Finale getting the shaft ~ LAWL! ~ Ep 12 “Nice Boat”

What possibly could have been the bloodiest episode to date has been shafted all the way to hell. Its a dam shame that  TV Kanegawa suddenly decided to no air school days this week but dam, they could have provided something better to look at than this:

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Apparently, speculations say that this is due to the killing of a policeman at the hands of her own 16 year old daughter yesterday, which could have caused this episode to be unsuitable for airing. Talk about bad timing. But this could be an indicator that this final episode may be very bloody to have provoked such a reaction from the station. Lets all cross our fingers and hope for a miracle.

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The trainwreck goes on – School Days episode 11, summary and thoughts.

First of i have to apologize for the rather impressively large hole in the series summaries – due to various reasons (my very unexpected lack of interest in School Days included) i had been … er … slacking off with the summaries. But at least i should be here for the end of this trainwreck of a romance show.

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School Days, episode 2: summary and thoughts

And so the second episode begins. And looks like our “hero” is having his first date with the lovely Katsura. One would think that any male with some common sense would have at least a vague idea about what is a good idea for a date and what isn’t. Once we see that Makoto is reading some sort of a dating guide where it says that it is good to be late (Not noticing Katsura who has already arrived), you realize that common sense is a phenomenon not present in the being called Itou Makoto, and that you are about to witness a trainwreck of a date. Continue reading ‘School Days, episode 2: summary and thoughts’

School Days: episode 1 summary and thoughts.

And so – it has begun! By saying that this is one of the more anticipated romance shows i don’t think i would be too far off the mark, given the game’s notorious reputation. The School Days of Makoto and the girls have begun, filled with love, heartbreaks and betrayals. If the anime stays even remotely faithful to the game (and i can’t imagine it any other way) i can promise you this – we are in for one heck of a ride and one heck of a drama.
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School Days game chapter1 thoughts

The infamous School Days visual novel, with an anime adoption that just started airing. Notorious for producing one of the worst harem leads around the globe, whose death has been wanted by particularly everyone who knows the full story. 
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