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More Big News Everyone (The Horn Blowing Continues)

And we get a trailer

Wow the show is brand new and yet is already making me feel nostalgic.  I’m really liking how the character designs look when animated too.  Simply amazing so far. Continue reading ‘More Big News Everyone (The Horn Blowing Continues)’

Big News Everyone! (Gundam Unicorn Finally Blows It’s Horn And We Get A Cast Listing)


Who is Full Frontal?  Find Out By Watching Gundam Unicorn (Hint: His voice may sound familiar)

Obviously people know that Gundam Unicorn is my most anticipated upcoming series this year, so the moment some real news broke about it I just had to be there to get the scoopu.  Here’s our cast for Gundam Unicorn: Continue reading ‘Big News Everyone! (Gundam Unicorn Finally Blows It’s Horn And We Get A Cast Listing)’

C76: Nanoha movie and psp game preview

I can almost die as a happy man
Continue reading ‘C76: Nanoha movie and psp game preview’

Nanoha 1st movie trailer and sketches

Yeah it seems like Nanoha is going to have to move over (sorry Deathie)

No worries, it just means that you have summoned a mass of blood hungry fanboys from the sky that’s all :p

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So courtesy of 東京国際アメニフェア(Tokyo International Anime Fair) we finally get more news/preview shots of the upcoming movie complete with a trailer on the report site (I have yet to figure out how to embed the trailer into wordpress so just go there to watch it and more sketches!).

Continue reading ‘Nanoha 1st movie trailer and sketches’

It Had To Happen Some Time (Addressing The Lantis And “Sunrise” Debacle)


Oh Noes I’m Using A Screenshot From A Sunrise Anime! 😮  Good Thing They Aren’t Actively Sending Out Cease And Desist Letters Like Lantis Is Or I Could Get In Trouble. Eeeeeek!

It was around this time in a 25 cour season shows run that a famous interview broke regarding a certain director’s belief that he had let the fans of his show down.  Alas the interview was misquoted and yay fans suddenly believed that what they had received was not what was intended for them.  By the time the mistake was corrected the damage was down however and turneth on that anime they did, for now it was viewed as but a false prophet.

All of this was happened before and alas all of it seems destined to happen again.  Lest I be called back into active duty to try and hold fast the darkness of falsehood and confusion and to bring forth the light of truth and confirmation.  For it is now at a similar time that history repeats itself, and the threat comes anew to tarnish that which I hold dear. Continue reading ‘It Had To Happen Some Time (Addressing The Lantis And “Sunrise” Debacle)’

Scoopu scoopu! ~ Nanoha is getting a movie!

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Yes this isn’t a lie and quite possible one of the biggest news this summer (For a Fate chan fan like me anyway). According to Moonphase the movie will be set for early 2009 (meaning the winter 2009 block) and is supposidly going to be a remake of the first Nanoha series (covering how Nanoha and Fate chan met etc).

Continue reading ‘Scoopu scoopu! ~ Nanoha is getting a movie!’

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