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“NaGARsumi” Seto no Hanayome Episode 26

*Huge Time Jump*. Yes it has been an awful while I didn’t review any SNH episode. I apologize. Nope i never dropped the series, but many thing happened (I had to recatch 17-18, and at that time, not only I was very busy, but my secondary HD got owned, which screwed my possibilities to rewatch and to take caps)

Now, I believe this episode deserves completely a review, considering how great it puts an end of one of the best anime comedies ever!

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“MY EYESSSSSSS!!!” Seto no Hanayome, Episode 16

*sigh* WordPress is really a pain… as you can see, some entries were salvaged, but unfortunately, this entry wasn’t…
Can’t be helped, i will rewrite this summary, with more accuracy since i got my hands on Otacon release.
Speaking of fansub release, I would suggest you to NOT download [Your-mom] release for the episode 16. not until they fix what they have done. to be short, their current “release” is the episode 15 with subs of episode 16 on it. Not sure if it was a joke or a mistake (erm…hard to not notice…), but wait for them for a fixed version, or go with Otacon release.

Well then, much like i wrote before, episode 15 was kinda weak after some thoughts. Hopefully, this one put SnH back in its usual formula : initial situation – fun – more fun – BOMB – madness.
Not as hilarous as golden episodes 10, 12 and 14, but scores well. (well in my book, that is ^^)

Shall we start?
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“She who waits for her White Knight” Seto no Hanayome, Episode 15

OTZ… once again, my flat apologizes for the lateness of this article… Scheldule is really tight over here… I guess deathy will be much more faster than me next week ^^” (we will rotate on this series. Doujin Work will follow the same pattern)

This week episode is somewhat similar to episode 13 : much based on character development, rather than insane comedy.
Episode 15 doesn’t introduce a new character per se, but it increase once again the harem aspect of this show XD
(but since the couple is already set, no need to complain, of course)
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“Full NEKO Panic!” Seto no Hanayome, Episode 14 : a Kitten Story

*sweat drop* My apologizes for the late summary, things were quite busy yesterday… not too sure of its usefulness, since your-mom released the subbed episode… oh well ^^”

Anyway, episode 14 on the way : Humor madness is back (not like Ep 13 wasn’t fun, but quite different), and it is really explosive, as expected from Seto no Hanayome ^__^

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“Make me your wifu!” ~ Seto No Hanayome episode 13

Disclaimer: Summary kindly provided by Klashikari (with permission of course) from animesuki forums (a summary so good it makes grown men cry!)

Klash edit : this summary was first done with the RAW. i edited it slightly, according the sub provided by “your-mom”, so the style might be really messy. my apologizes.

The beginning is pretty much self explanatory : San is silent in her room without any light. there is a flashback, showing that Runa was taunting once again san on her helicopter. I’m still wondering how San can consider Runa as a friend, especially after this provocation…

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Mermaid Humour!?

Oh joy! Has anyone actually ever wondered what mermaid porn looks like? well in episode 11 of Seto No Hanayome this question has been answered…look on if you are brave enough.

Image Hosted by

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All Hail Masa~San!!! :D

Now when it comes to being a sex machine (for males that is) what do people normally have in mind? Tall, Dark and Handsome? You are half way there. Buffed up dude? not necessary. Its quite surprising these days that the type you will normally call sexy (in anime) is rather not what you would associate it with in real life (perhaps). But in the world of anime logic like that goes way out of the window…take a look at this guy for example.

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