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Overall thoughts on Sola.

And so, Sola has come to an end. Overall a pleasant and enjoyable ride, albeit it fell short on my expectations during the later part of the series.

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The end of a Sola dream…Episode 13 (final)

Oh woe is me. This is the final episode to one of my spring series and as usual I am feeling the pain of saying goodbye to something I have grown attached to. So as the journey comes to a close let us see how things are neatly wrapped up 🙂


“Smile” ^.^

In a Nutshell: The episode starts of with matsuri attempting to stab aono, she misses as aono tosses yorito aside and jumps to safety. However, matsuri still managed to injure aono’s shoulder. matsuri falls onto her knees and aono takes this opportunity to finish her off, but yortio jumps in the way which causes aono to stop in her tracks. Continue reading ‘The end of a Sola dream…Episode 13 (final)’

Sola Episode 12 ~ Thoughts…

I blame Takeshi for all this! if he hadn’t brought his crazy sword then maybe Matsuri (or Aono) wouldn’t need to die! As the curtain unfolds we definitely see that the end is near.

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“Are you my master?” ~ wait! wrong series! O.O

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Sola Episode 11 ~ Thoughts…

Yorito is ripping down the sky. Could this be the beginning of the end for his long dream?

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Sola Episode 10 ~ Thoughts…

Oh boy Oh boy, time and time again this series have lead us, the viewers, into a false sense of security with its excellently executed twists and turns. Never (or its been a long time since last) have i seen a series so unpredictable as this one. You think you have all the characters sussed out? or do you even have a theory you clearly stand by on? well think again as in this series nothing you predict will ever become true.

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