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I’ve Seen Your Face Before My Friend (The Top 3 Anime/Game Characters That Look Like Other Ones)

But I Do Know Who You Are

Over the years there have been a lot of similar character designs in anime, after all there’s only so many ways in which you can give a character a wacky hairstyle and all kinds of accessories before you run out of ideas.  What of the ones that seem like borderline copy pasting though.  What about the ones that come out in such short intervals between one another that you can’t possibly imagine how one didn’t inspire the other because it was popular.  There have been a lot of these, but here are my top 3 personal favourites from over the years. Continue reading ‘I’ve Seen Your Face Before My Friend (The Top 3 Anime/Game Characters That Look Like Other Ones)’

Sora Kake Girl Picture Drama 2 (Itsuki Kannagi And The Tag Of Eternal Distraction)

Let The Doujin Flow……Wait, This Is Official?!!

So the second picture drama was quite hilarious and explains why Itsuki’s interaction with Akiha is so messed up and Yuri-ish.  If you remember back to the part where Nina “killed off” Itsuki and then she showed up at Surre Academy in that wig to spy on Akiha, then this is what supposedly happened in between the two events.  As it turns out she only read half of the booklet Nina prepared for her on behaving like a schoolgirl and then looked at some Yuri manga and assumed that’s how schoolgirls act towards each other nowadays. The rest of it is mostly pictures of her trying on a whole bunch of different costumes that have nothing to do with casual schoolgirl attire (and ending with Hatsune Miku for some reason) which also partially explains what posessed her to dress up in the bondage outfit for the school far.  By far the funniest part for me though was when she become situationally aware of a tag in the bottom right corner that had been there the whole time and which most people will probably assume was only obvious to the viewer. Turns out it was a washing/drying/fabric label off of some clothing which Itsuki thought might come in useful.  Sora Kake Girl fears not the fourth wall.

Anyway you’ve gotta love Aya Endo’s Leslie Nielsen like approach to playing the whole thing absolutely deadpan and serious and really the whole concept of these picture dramas.  They do so much more then the image albums for supplementing the characters and can actually be useful for enjoying the shows a little more as well.  The first one being Akiha and this one being Itsuki, I would have to assume the last one will be Honoka “doshite?” Kawai and I can only imagine what they’ll pull for her’s.  I except some outcries of “lolicon fodder!” to greet what will almost certainly be another attempt to exploit the uncensored nudity that these Sora Kake PD’s appear to delight in.

Sora Wo Kakeru Shoujo Revisited (Because Sometimes The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction)


What A Stunning Collection Of All Of Moods At Any Given Time.  Could Sora Wo Kakeru Shoujo Be An Exploration Of My Very Psyche?  Stay Tuned

Because I’m feeling lazy and don’t much want to come up with an entirely new article yet I felt it would be fun to re-explore an old one of mine instead.  The year was the far out retro and old school 2008, it was a lazy October and a certain show named Sora Wo Kakeru Shoujo had just been announced.  I didn’t know what to make of it, I still don’t know what to make of it, but even with an imagination as wild as mine I would have never imagined what I got when I first started to take a serious (aha aha haha) closer look at it.  It turned out to be to Sunrise mecha series what Slayers is to the Fantasy genre and it doesn’t believe that anything is sacred either.  I had asked for more Gaogaigar….and this is what they gave me: Continue reading ‘Sora Wo Kakeru Shoujo Revisited (Because Sometimes The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction)’

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