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There’s Not A Whole Lot Goin’ On (Or….Did I Get My Money’s Worth This Week)

ghost town

Well it’s true, I don’t really have too much to write about other then maybe a couple of mildly intriguing experiences that I have had this week so it’s going to be this and then……well… Continue reading ‘There’s Not A Whole Lot Goin’ On (Or….Did I Get My Money’s Worth This Week)’

Early Aprehensions About The New Star Trek Movie

I keep telling myself “it’s a reboot”.  Then I look at the screen and the setting looks unfamiliar to me as an 15 year Star Trek fan.  I keep telling myself “it’s a reboot”.  I look at the apparent villain and wonder what race he’s supposed to be.  I tell myself “it’s a reboot, it can be whatever race they want it to be”.  I look at all the fancy action and look back on DS9 which had it’s action sequences, but always put the emphasis on character dialogue, race to race diplomacy, and solid morality lessons that not only developed character, but built it in the process and I wonder, “What does this have to do with the Star Trek I know and love and how could there possibly be room for character development and intrigue in this Summer Blockbuster looking thing”.  It’s a reboot…..but does that necessarily mean it will earn the right to call itself “Star Trek”?  I guess I’ll have to wait and see.  For now I’ll say that while I am excited as hell at the first piece of Star Trek media in over four years (longer then it took between Gundam Seed Destiny and Gundam 00), I can’t help but also feel worried as hell should it prove a success but not carry with it the legacy of my favourite Western Sci-Fi Metaseries or even worse should it bomb and kill the whole damn franchise forever.  Nothing’s changed in 4 years…..the future of the franchise is still as uncertain to me now as it was when Enterprise got cancelled.  Oh well…at least I can say I have my faith in the Gundam franchise back now should Star Trek blow it on me.

August 2022