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Sekirei episode 12 END ~ Sekirei of Destiny

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Love is FABULOUS, isn’t it?

For those who are wondering “why the heck it took you so long to write this”, then I can only apologise and say that University life is just as I thought it would be when it comes to being time consuming (not to mention with the internet being unoperational for a good week during then orz). But I will finish this entry then move onto the Strike Witches one right after I’ve watch it.

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Sekirei episode 11 ~ Bridge battle of “epic disproportions”

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Sekirei 8, Yume…looks just like Musubi (or is it the other way round?)

Sorry, I just have to say it, “my gosh what happened to the quality?”. Actually, it was quite a shame to see the quality drop like this in the second half of the episode (which is strange because the first half wasn’t bad at all) as it can easily be my highlight scenes for this first season. But I suppose with this being a Seven Arcs series I should have been expecting it when it came to battle scenes *remembers what StrikerS was like during airing and shivers*.

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Sekirei episode 10 ~ Oppai grab GETTO!

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Awwww, Isn’t that just cute

Tsukiumi is awesome! I do believe that it was a great thing that she managed to cover herself up after having her uniform burst into a shower of confetti instead of letting it “all hang down”, now that is proper normal instincts.

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Sekirei episode 9 ~ Broken smoke machine is broken

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I thought I told you already…no touching the sexy bishie chest >.>

Yes, the smoke machine is broken but no, I won’t be posting screencaps for the “lovely” loot…you will just have to see that for yourself in the own privacy of your bedroom.

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Sekirei episode 8 ~ Chi, Chi, Chi ~

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Yes Kuu…you are very, very cute in that mouse costume

Apologies for the skip from episode 7 to 8, but last week (and this one as well) was really troublesome for me…I won’t get into that now…

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Sekirei episode 6 ~ I am your waifu!

From completely tsun to completely tsun…

Now isn’t that a twist for all you anime watchers? One moment we have Tsukiumi trying to kill Minato for being the fithy Sekirei harem ashikabi that he is and the next moment…she is trying to kill him for being the filthy Sekirei HAREM ashikabi that he is.

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Sekirei episode 5 ~ Water master, Tsukiumi…Peeking master, Matsu

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Dammit! I can’t see them D:

Ah Matsu, you somehow never fail to surprise me in the most pleasing way. This was yet another Sekirei-esque episode so your expectations from the pervious episode shouldn’t stray far from this one. Like the title says, this was basically a Matsu and Tsukiumi introduction episode and guess what…Minato is out there to “catch ’em all” again.

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Sekirei episode 4 ~ Wagtails, scary masks and death cannons

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Kuu chan is so cute. It is like an acid attack @_@

Wagtails. I love them, don’t you too? Okay seriously though, this was yet another good episode (as far as expectations go seen as you’ll feel as if deja vu has hit because you’ve “read this somewhere before”).

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Sekirei episode 2 ~ Welcome to Izumo Inn

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Musubi is very, very smart

Okay, I lied. I was just too busy last night catching up with other stuff that I forgot about this. Anyway…yay! another episode of Sekirei! ^^

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Sekirei episode 1 ~ Sekirei project

Finally it is here! This is the series of this season I have been waiting for, though being a bit biased because I am currently reading the manga for it, nonetheless though for a first episode it was pretty good (but some things were changed here and there).

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