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Strike Witches episode 12 END ~ “…Happily ever after”

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Sometimes you just have to laugh at the situation

Well its been one week and 3 days, but I’ve finally managed to have some time for myself to watch the last episode of this fun little series.

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Strike Witches episode 11 ~ Suddenly Neuroi…Millions of them!

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“To be continued…”

Or not quite that many, but you would expect 20 or 30 Neuroi units would be enough to take out one Warlock Neuroi-plane thing. No, rather than that lets just have the Warlock mind control everyone into committing suicide then going berserk itself…Great, why are humans so stupid and intended on self destruction? Go ahead I’d say.

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Strike Witches episode 10 ~ Humans are evil?

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She speaks the truth

Oh my Lynne…I know that you like Yoshika but why are you following her to hell even when knowing full well where she is headed…Yuri love, I can’t understand it *rolleyes*.

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Strike Witches episode 9 ~ Age of the witches

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Minna won’t shoot~

Ah ha! I was right about Minna’s actions…pfff; she could never fool me with such suspicious actions in the first place, not to mention the truck loads of hints throughout the previous episode.

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Strike Witches episode 8 ~ Ah ha! It’s the tragic type again!

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Just look into those dreamy eyes *__*

Honestly, I really do think that it should be made into a rule that whenever T Rie decides to voice a character, she should be given a “tragic type” kind of role, her voice is absolutely perfect for that personality stereotype and that isn’t just the fanboy me who is talking.

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Strike Witches episode 6 ~ Carrots are also good for your eyes, why did they forget?

Ahh, Minna not only do I love your voice I also dig your tastes ^^

Hilarious! And I thought that carrot soup would have been top on the list for good eye sight but instead they resort to using exotic and frankly not the best methods (though I am one of the few who loves cod liver oil…mmm).

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Strike Witches episode 5 ~ Breaking Mach1 and swimming with the fishes

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And she isn’t talking about “you know what on a male species”

Ah wow, just wow. I don’t know what has gotten into Miyafuji but really…whatever you are into I guess (I’m not out there to judge). So if it isn’t having sexual dream with your fellow team mates or feeling them up whilst they are down and out I think this episode did a good job on more pressing matter. That is, to get to know the case more (and at the end of the day to kick some neuroi butt).

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Strike Witches episode 4 ~ The silent type eh…

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Seems like “someone” needs to learn a thing or two

I think I have only one word to describe this episode; cheesy…but before you get the wrong idea I also think that it is good cheese.

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Strike Witches episode 2 ~ Joining the witches

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Hold on…do I detect Yuri?

Another late entry by me but what do you know, I still have Sekirei to do which will hopefully be up later today (though neither this nor that would be anything extensive…).
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Strike Witches episode 1 ~ No pants FTW!

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ALL HAIL BRIT…wait…wrong series…

So this is Gonzo’s 3rd series that is being streamed on Youtube, Crunchyroll and BOST TV the same day as they are released. This has been yet another series I have been looking forward to ever since it was announced which bears a funny resemblance to Sky girls (in fact, the two series are connected by a red line of fate /cheese). Gonzo being Gonzo though it is only natural that people are still skeptical about their titles no less when such news like these, but despite that I hold nothing against them unlike others (and in fact love them the gem series that they produce, Seto no Hanayome being one of the best to date).

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