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Princess Lover: episode 7


The horrors that lurk in the dungeons of Arima scientists.

One of the things i never really expected the show to expand on much was the assassination subplot of Teppei’s parents, beyond using it as a setup for the current plot. Political backstabbing on a national scale certainly didn’t seem to be up on the menu either. So you can color me surprised when this episode put both of those in a fairly prominent role. Even if the political dealings didn’t make as much sense as it should have if they are going to present it as a major plot point, it was still interesting to see the show undergo quite the mood change in one episode, trying to be much more serious than it usually is. Unexpected developments, but i am very much looking towards to see where it allows them to take the story in the long run, plot wise.

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Princess Lover: episode 5


I have found your apprentice, Zero!

After a subpar episode 3, and episode 4 so tediously boring i didn’t even want to talk about it (And being Seika focused didn’t help) episode 5 seems to have regained the wind that was lost during the last two episodes. A fair amount of character development, some much needed depth for Sylvia and Charlotte (Because it should be painfully obvious these two are the ones that matter), some expectable (which doesn’t make it bad) foreshadowing and possibly even some overall progress (or setup for one) in the relationship front. They even seem to have gambled back the budget that was seemingly lost during episode 3, so the episode looked visually appealing as well. As a date episode it is quite Charlotte/Teppei centric, but they used this time well; if the series keep up on such a note that will make me a happy camper.

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Princess Lover: episode 3


How to be a creepy gentleman

Picking up where the last episode ended, we jump straight to the duel between Teppei and Sylvia. I am not sure what i was expecting, but it ended up less impressive than said expectations, and slightly overdramatically silly, but that is fine i guess – not like one should be expecting actual fencing lesson from this anime. What was not fine though was the animation effort – i am not sure what happened here, but it certainly looked like the main animator was taking many breaks during the episode with some borderline QUALITY moments, or they had blown all their budget on the commendably animated first two episodes. Either way, this episode didn’t look nearly as good as the first two did, and movement itself was lacking. Along with some missmatched BGM, this episode certainly lacked the overall feel that made me appreciate the first two.

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Summer 2009 early review ~ Slice of life beating the crap out of you. (updated ver1.1)

Well since it is the summer, and I’m bored, I might as well write a review post of the series I have been following so far. On the whole this season so far has shocked me quite a lot with endless enjoyment for the better part and steep pain for the remainder. It really has turned into a weird experience of finding gems and destroyed hype with my expectations before the season started completely flipped like a mirror image, but I will try my best to keep things as fair as I can with the review. Still the opinions to come are pretty personal so your mileage may vary.

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I forgot about the opening image for this entry, and what could be better to raise the flag than good o’ Gin Sama (nothing to do with the actual post, but relevant to my interests)

So to get things started lets start with the list of what series are mentioned in this entry (in no particular order):

Aoi Hana
GA Geijutsuka Art Design Class
Princess Lover!
Sora no Manimani
Spice and Wolf II
Taishou Yakyuu Musume
Tokyo Magnitude 8.0
Umi Monogatari
Umineko no Naku Koro Ni
Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mahou

Update +1
Fight Ippatsu! Juuden Chan!

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Princess Lover: Episode 2

Where could i have possibly seen this before ..

With a title that seems like it has come from the Bible of Generic Harems and a cover image that does nothing in disproving said theory, i can certainly see why many would have chosen to skip said series in fears of it being just as seemingly advertised – i wasn’t putting any great hopes on the composition either. 2 episodes in to the series though, i might just have to revise that opinion. I mean, yes – it is still harem (Not yet …but getting there), it still incorporates plenty of the usual elements and fanservice that come with the territory and the test-and-tried school setup, but at the same times it also manages to avoid in falling in many of the usual critical pitfall cliches, actually has one of the rare specimens that appears to be a decent male lead, a bit of unexpected political skulduggery in the plot setup (Whether they expand on it is yet to be seen though, or will it be drowned out as the school life hits full force), and a quite likable pink haired princess. And a Wakamoto voiced grandpa.

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