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So I Just Finished Super Robot Wars MX Tonight

No that isn’t really what this topic is about.  It’s a Super Robot Wars based topic, that much is true, but I’m not going to be talking about my stunning victory over AI1.  Instead I’m on about how the last few scenarios really got me thinking about the series I just plain don’t want to see in a Super Robot Wars anymore.  EVER!  I have differing reasons for each and many may not agree with them or perhaps will wonder why I didn’t include certain series on the list, but eh….I don’t know, these particular ones just need to go I think.  Anyway, I’m going to do this Top 10 style since there’s ten of them anyway and I damn well know which ones I want to go more than the next one.  Stay tuned for a special bonus wherein I viciously demand which series need to get back into the games after long hiatuses. Continue reading ‘So I Just Finished Super Robot Wars MX Tonight’

Kaioshin’s Top 10 Anime Endings

Well I said I was going to do a top 10 ending list to complement my opening list so here it is.  First I must say that the anime ending is an entirely different beast compared to the anime opening.  To me a good opening gives you a feel of what might be in story for you when you watch the actual show, but a good ending is something that is supposed to summarize the themes of the show you just experienced.  That might sound similar, but I assure people it isn’t.  For that reason a lot of my top 10 endings will probably appear to have a different feel compared to my top 10 openings list, but I promise people I haven’t just developed an entirely new musical taste over the course of the last week.  Ready?  Okay……oh and Super Robot Wars Z is out today so if you don’t here from me again for a bit then that’s why. 😀 Continue reading ‘Kaioshin’s Top 10 Anime Endings’

Kaioshin’s Top 10 Anime Openings

Might as well do one since I’m kind of tired of arguing about Code Geass for the moment.  The perfect stress reliever.  Anyway I should warn, there are a lot of mecha series on this one.  That and I can get really passionate about my favourite anime openings  Just a heads up.  Oh and Deathie, you are required to comment on this article as part of your blogging duties.  I don’t want to hear any dispute.  Okay let’s go then….. Continue reading ‘Kaioshin’s Top 10 Anime Openings’

Kaioshin’s Top 10 Super Mario Galaxy Songs

There was one game that was released last year that I think without a doubt deserved the title of Game OST of The Year for 2007 (Even if Skyfall claims it’s generic action game music) and that was Super Mario Galaxy.  That’s why in keeping with my recent Top 10 lists I wanted to talk about my favourite tunes from this wonderful OST.  Let’s get started shall we: Continue reading ‘Kaioshin’s Top 10 Super Mario Galaxy Songs’

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