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NEEDLESS episode 15 ~ Saten the unbeatable?

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No pantsu ❤

Once again, apologies for the lateness of this entry (as well as skipping episode 14) but nonetheless NEEDLESS is still the best series even when accounting for this new season that had just started 😀

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NEEDLESS episode 13 ~ Too damn bloody epic for TV.

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You may kill him now ^^

OMFG! This episode was just the bomb of all NEEDLESS episodes seen so far. Not only was the quality of the episode top notch, drop dead gorgeous with all the glowing blood, pantsu shots and epic faces, but the story once again continues to surprise me with the way it turns the table over and over again. Once again I have to give this episode a rating of “I CAME!” for its sheer awesomeness XD

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NEEDLESS episode 12 ~ Yamada strikes back; so does Mio with scissors

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Mine is bigger than yours :p

Now if there is definite proof that Yamada isn’t a spineless/useless waste of space then it is shown in this episode in all his deserved glory. Yamada, you are DA MAN!

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NEEDLESS episode 11 ~ Frantic turn tables and then some…

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Poor Kuchinashi being bullied by bullies ;_;

Oh I just love how this series always give promises of epicness and epicness plus some is exactly what we got this week. Sweet, sweet GAR mode :3

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NEEDLESS episode 10 ~ Flashback fun with Seto and Solva-tan

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This is an accurate representation of my current expression from exhaustion

No joke, Blade will add the -tan honorific to any loli he encounters 😀

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NEEDLESS episode 9 ~ Loli cannon YOROSHIKU!

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Burning with moeeee!

It wasn’t the first time I had cardiac arrest watching NEEDLESS and it certainly won’t be the last, but this was the first time I had an orgasm watching this and the words; “I CAME!” quite accurately reflects what I feel about this episode.

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NEEDLESS episode 8 ~ Copycat style

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Don’t try this at home kids ^_^”

Oh so that is what Eve meant by “pochi” XD

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C76: Nanoha movie and psp game preview

I can almost die as a happy man
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NEEDLESS episode 7 ~ Beautiful girl squad adventures

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“It’s kickass time!”

In this weeks episode: bishoujo cannon fodders, randomness and “WTF just happened O.o”

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NEEDLESS episode 6 ~ Wacky funhouse mansion striptease

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This episode has been approved by Disk

Seriously, whoever the guy was who created that mansion deserves a medal; I salute you! 😀

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