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1,000,000th milestone hit!

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Tacos, tacos, tacos…oh wait!

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All Comments Are Pending Approval Until Further Notice

Sorry that this inconvenience has to be introduced, but apparently some people think the best way to address a dispute that I’ve said I’m done dealing with is to flood my comment box with trollish nonsense.  Thus for the next little while I am forced to result to this measure.  If your comment is relating to the topic and not a trolling attempt I will approve it and make it appear, if not then it won’t be approved.  Simple as that.  Thank you for your understanding.

DK’s edit: And after having a little think about this I’ve concluded that it was yet another one of Kaio’s “acting on impulse” skit so we have returned the comments option back to normal. But guys, seriously, try not to wind him up too much *rolleyes*.

It’s Birthday Time For Anime History

Yes, hard to believe it’s been one year already since Deathkillz and I started this whole thing. Who would have thought that just less than one month later we would be joined by Klashhikari and from time to time Skyfall (Who?) to spice things up where I fall short…..the everything non-mecha category. Also who would have thought that I’d start a countdown of the Top 20 Crotch Stomping Lolis and still not damn well be done it after almost an entire year. More questions await the curious one who visits from the front page itself. Continue reading ‘It’s Birthday Time For Anime History’

Sometimes Something Has To Give

So when the spring season started I took it upon myself to try and follow two series at once with full summaries and thoughts on each episode.  Lately I’ve found it very hard to stay caught up on both while balancing work, and also lately I’ve been getting back into RPG gaming somewhat and have taken up watching Stargate SG-1.  Continue reading ‘Sometimes Something Has To Give’

Saigar Abandoned and Other Unrelated Nonsense

Just a quickie notice for anyone interested, apparently the bloated beast that is the recent Saigar 2008 tournament has finally been put to rest by it’s creator before it could reach any sort of “Conclusion”.  Reasons cited include “Aids” and “Lol Proxies”, but I think what he’s really tired of are all the troll memes and anti-voting going on.  Continue reading ‘Saigar Abandoned and Other Unrelated Nonsense’

Gundam 00 Episode 10 To Come

Unfortunately, Christmas, Company and work are keeping me far to limited in my spare time to be able to write a good article for Gundam 00 Episode 10.  Some time after Christmas and during the hiatus I will probably get around to writing the article, but right now I have about 1 hour of spare time a day without people barging into my computer room and interrupting me while I’m watching, writing and typing to ask me for a favour or to fix this gadget or that (long story).  Furthermore, I can’t do the articles late at night like I usually do when everyone is sleeping because I have guests staying in the room where my computer is.  Sooooooooooooo yeah, there’s not really much I can do about blogging right now, but I assure people that the episode will be up sometime post Dec. 25th.

Going On A Break

Well the frustration has worn off, and I direct people to my corner to see the details of why I’m leaving for a while.  The time is 3:07 AM EST and I’ve packed my bags, I’m leaving on a Jet Plane (figuratively), don’t know when I’ll be back again.

In Case People Think I’ve Just Gotten Lazy….

Actually my Windows Install is completely botched and I need to format very soon.  Basically I’m stuck using Safe Mode until Sunday at the earliest, but more than  likely some time next week.  So that means no blogging from me for at least a little while.  I don’t imagine it will be too long though as I have a multitude of options to take this time as opposed to last times Mother Board going dead.  So apologies to all those who read my articles.

Little Bit Of Site Corruption

Not Sure What Happened, but I had to completely rearrange the layout of the articles to eliminate a giant font issue.  As a result some comment may have been lost and I apologize for the problems.  People can blame Wordpress for writing such buggy blogging software.

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