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I’ve Just Realized Something About Mecha Anime


So people wanted to know what I really think about Gundam 00?  Well here it is…….I thought it completely and 100% sucked balls, was clearly the worst anime ever made, and was a total waste of my time.  And really it’s only served to show me that clearly all mecha and sci-fi anime suck balls as well.  I can’t believe I’ve wasted so many years following mecha series like Gundam, Macross and the Go Nagai franchise’s when ALL it is is just mindless explosions and stupid characters talking about stupid things and emoing over each other’s problems. 

Well no more, clearly there’s no enjoyment to be had in mecha/sci-fi anime on any level and I am now renouncing my faith in mecha anime for good thanks to Gundam 00.  I am only going to be following much better genres next season in the form of  shows like Queen’s Blade, Tayutama -Kiss on my Diety- and Hanasakeru Seishounen.  Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Gundam 00 Episode 07 (Love Tonight)


Allelujah: I Can Feel It In The Air Tonight Oh Lord…..HALLELUJAH!

In the interests of having an impression somewhere on the blogosphere that isn’t just more of the constant negativity and angry drunken rants that Gundam 00 gets from it no matter the content and quality of the episode (and let me say that this is one episode that really just doesn’t deserve it at all) here is my impression of this one from Animesuki.  Still I recognize a certain sect that needs that sort of thing so in the interests of appealing to those who didn’t like the episode or just want something to get worked up about I’ve released my evil twin from his deep dark prison to help translate this impression into rage speak.  You should be so lucky.  Enjoy. 🙂 Continue reading ‘Gundam 00 Episode 07 (Love Tonight)’

Is Sunrise Perpetrating Anti-German Propaganda? (A Shin Oiakamas Article)

Heeeeeeeeeeey…Yooooooooooooooooou….Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuys! Shin Oiakamas here again while Kaioshin’s off studying the FOF system in Tales of The Abyss, which I’m sure he’ll never get. So I’ve noticed that of the two female characters that people seem to hate the most these days, both are from shows Kaioshin’s blogged, both have the same name spelled a different way and both are produced by the same company.  This is why I think that Sunrise is perpetrating a hate campaign against Germany. Continue reading ‘Is Sunrise Perpetrating Anti-German Propaganda? (A Shin Oiakamas Article)’

Gundam 00 Episode 17 Summary & Thoughts (With Special Guest Host)


So I have learned over the past week that I am just plain….well plain.  Not a funny guy, humourless, stodgy and/or highbrow.  I’ve wondered what I can do, anything to fix this shortcoming, and came up with nothing.  So, I decided I needed a special guest commentator for this episode summary to spice things up.  Well I went to the insanse asylum that is the deepest, darkest depths of my mind and brought “him” back.  Yes that’s right…..”him”.

Continue reading ‘Gundam 00 Episode 17 Summary & Thoughts (With Special Guest Host)’

Gundam 00 Episode 06 (?)

So I was thinking of doing a Gundam 00 Episode 06 article, but then I thought I ought to let Shin Oikamas ramble a bit about Sumeragi’s breasts and try to find 10 more superficial comparisons to Full Metal Panic that nobody has tried to infer yet and to try and get people to believe in them.  So maybe tomorrow I will get around to discussing the more boring aspects of the episode.  You know, plot, character, presentation.  After all, there’s a show here and lots of political intrigue with some nice complex character relationships unfolding, but these are breasts we’re talking about….and they’re on the screen for a good 5-10 seconds.  HOW BOUT THAT?!   So without Further Ado I turn things over to Shin Oikamas: Continue reading ‘Gundam 00 Episode 06 (?)’

Masters Series: How To Make An Anime With The Studios

Tonight we gather here ladies and gentlemen to see each of our favourite studios show off their popular recipes for making an anime.  On hand today we have J.C Staff, Sunrise, Kyoto Animation, Shaft, Gonzo, BONES and ufoTABLE to show off what is believed to be their recipes for keeping us, the anime fans entertained.  Without further hesitation let us get started….

Continue reading ‘Masters Series: How To Make An Anime With The Studios’

Favourite Anime Series To Air This Fall 2007 Season

Now that we are well into this October anime season, people are probably asking themselves what their favourite series so far is.  Now comes the time to step up and answer that question in this poll:

Continue reading ‘Favourite Anime Series To Air This Fall 2007 Season’

Clannad Preview For Fall 2007 (?)

It is I Shin-Oikamas, the evil twin of Kaioshin-Sama. Join me as I preview Clannad, the Kyoto Animation TV Series for 2007….. Continue reading ‘Clannad Preview For Fall 2007 (?)’

The Melancholy Of Lucky Staruhi Episode 16


Since Kaioshin Sama declined to review this episode in favour of listening to Fire Emblem Music, I, his evil twin, Shin Oiakamas the crazed fanboy will be filling in.  Today we see what is clearly the greatest anime episode of all time, and I will show the doubters out there why, starting now……………. Continue reading ‘The Melancholy Of Lucky Staruhi Episode 16’

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