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Fortune Arterial – a luxorious school, student council and … vampires.

A high class highschool on a remote island, fated reunions, new encounters and a touch of vampire mystery. I guess that about sums up the basic premise of Fortune Arterial in one sentence. Obviously sounds like the usual formula we have seen done to death a dozen times, but, what do you know – this one is done right. Having heard plenty of good references about the title i decided to finally sit down and give it a go myself, and the end result is a very pleasant surprise. I am not one to easily hand out praise, but when the credits of the True End started to roll, i was willing to stand up and applaud the writers for a rather exemplary piece of writing. The way all the individual story paths came together in the end, the way all the details fell in to place and the fact they actually explored aspects that are usually taken for granted in vampire stories, such as bloodlust and reasons behind it, as well as other relevant aspects, and the very origins of said vampires – things i had long since given up on in vampire stories, makes Fortune Arterial one of (if not THE) my favorite pieces of vampire fictions up to date.

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Kara no Kyoukai 4: The Hollow

*Stops rocking back and forth in a corner* It is here! *cough*
With the painstakingly long wait (at least for me) over, we can finally enjoy the fourth movie of this high quality production by ufotable. While overall it doesn’t offer as much action as many no doubt would like to see, it certainly doesn’t fail to deliver in the other aspects more than making up for that ‘loss’, as well as filling us in with the missing piece of timeline – what transpired after the events of movie 2. This one picks up where the second movie left off – Shiki just having suffered in a traffic accident after having chased Kokuto out on the road.


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ef – a tale of meodies | episode 02

The story of ef moves onward, as does the developing relationship between Mizuki and Kuze, as the two spend another day together by Mizuki’s initiative. Meanwhile, on the other side of the spectrum, the long awaited past between the pragmatic Yuu and elusive Yuuko finally begins to unfold, slowly bringing to light the elements that bind the two of the more mysterious characters of this story.

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ef – a tale of melodies | episode 01


The autumn season has rolled around, bringing along a potential watch list long enough to leave one at despair. (heaven and Hell?)  Of course, among the abundant choice of titles there were some i was anticipating more than the others, and SHAFT’s continued adoption of ef was definitely one of them. And if the first episode is anything to go by, we are going to be treated to more of what made the first season so well acknowledged – controversial visual effects, excellent musical score, interesting set of characters and sky animation that will leave you searching for your jaw on the floor. And more drama.

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Snow Sakura (Visual Novel)

So, what is an anime fan that suffers from major boredom issues to do when he doesn’t feel like any new series and all the abominations in PC games need a rest from the beating you have been dishing out ? Simple – get your hands on one of the Visual Novels that have lingered on your “to do” list forever and get cracking. Snow Sakura was not all that familiar title to me and the OP didn’t seem all that catchy either, so i was not sure what to expect. In the end i can say this: even though some aspects of the story could have been handled better, this turned out to be one of my most enjoyable experiences recently with top notch humor and some commendable characters.

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Da Capo II, episode 5 summary and thoughts

As usual – episode starts with a dream sequence. This time we see Koko clinging to Yoshiykui’s arm, saying her dream has come true. (she sure doesn’t aim high huh ^^). Now that we know what is going to happen eventually, all that is left is to find out how it came to be.

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Da Capo II, episode 3 summary and thoughts

Da Capo time again. Will this episode allow for some Koko x Yoshiyuki development, or will it be interrupted time and time again due to random encounters and event, pulling Yoshiyuki away from the poor girl ? Surprisingly, this episode manages both – introduces a new character (The school Idol Nanaka, who turns down a confession at the very start) and furthers the relationship that came about at the end of ep1.

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