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Zero no Tsukaima II, episode 5 summary and thoughts

If anyone was wondering where Louise and Saito went after escaping Louise’s mansion – we have our answer. They are back academy, and things look back to normal. Normal as in – students are still undergoing Agnes’s training drills. Louise is training and Saito is watching from the sidelines. But when Agnes announces she has a special teacher for them to teach combat magic you just know things are about to get whacky once more.

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Zero no Tsukaima II, Episode 4 summary and thoughts.

A new day, a new start for our ‘lovely’ couple. Saito keeps mumbling in his sleep, then turns to side and his hand lands on something, and he makes an absent minded comment that nothing is there. Sure enough – his hand has landed on Lousie’s chest ^^

And with this you just know the day is going to start with a bang, involving lots of pain on Saito’s part 🙂
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Zero no Tsukaima II, episode 3

And so, the 3rd episode of the series has arrived. A war is coming to town (or country …what ever), and it looks like things are not pretty. Even all the male students from the magic school have been drafted in to the army, and all the girls look distressed. Cruel times indeed. Saito avoids this since he is a familiar. Continue reading ‘Zero no Tsukaima II, episode 3’

True Feelings Or Naivety ~ Zero No Tsukaima (2) episode 2

Welcome to a new season of zero no tsukaima! 😀 I will be you blogger for today seen as Sky is taking a break (don’t want to overload him with “work” now do I ^_^). Well actually this isn’t quite the start but seen as it is just episode 2 I am not far off hehe. Right! Starting from where we left off since episode 1, it seems that princess Henrietta was kidnapped as reported by her bodyguard/captain Agnes. Now it is up to Saito and Louise to save the day.

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“Love birds”

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