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MS Igloo 2 Episode 3 (Odessa Iron Storm)

Every story needs a beginning a middle and an ending.  For MS Igloo 2 this is that ending

Every story needs a beginning a middle and an ending. For MS Igloo 2 this is that ending

You know how the new episode of Haruhi was like an angel descending from on high to bless Haruhiist’s with a feeling of total bliss?  Well now it’s my turn.  It has been nearly 2 months since the last episode of Gundam 00 aired and almost 4 months since the last episode of MS Igloo 2.  I needed this like you could not possibly believe.  Our hero this time is Arleen Nazon, a female Guntank pilot who is out for revenge against….something.  Here’s the score on this episode that I can derive at the moment:
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Gundam 00 Second Season Final Analysis (Part 1: The Characters)


The Events Of Gundam 00 Second Season Are All Said And Done, And It Is Now The Time For Making Speeches And Reflecting

So let me start by saying this…..”what a ride this one was”.  I doubt anybody who really followed the show (I mean REALLY followed it), the forum and blog discussions (with fights that got almost as intense as the ones in show itself) on it, and the spoiler crunch from sites such as 19.04 seconds can really say otherwise.  Gundam 00 Second Season is what I have come to expect from second halves of Sunrise shows where the world has been established, the characters introduced and developed (though many would debate this I am sure), the line between factions and idealogies drawn, the goals set (mostly), and now all that’s left to do is finish the job and show how things play out, with all of the mecha skirmishes, character deaths, betrayals, changes of heart, plot twists and big battles that we have come to expect from the Gundam franchise.

How did it go about doing all of that and how well did it succeed?  That’s what I am here to look at, and I plan to do it in four sections that will deal with Character, Story, Music And Animation, and finally Mecha. This is going to be a long read (even split into seperate parts) since I am going to try and go in depth on each topic and subtopic as much as possible.  For this reason people may want to read this one in sub-installments. Continue reading ‘Gundam 00 Second Season Final Analysis (Part 1: The Characters)’

Gundam 00 Final Analysis

Wow, so what to talk about that I haven’t already in my individual episode articles.  I know I said I would do one, but it almost feels like I’ve said everything I need to say on this series.  I don’t think I’m going to do a monster like some people do, but I’ll see what I can come up with to cap things off. Continue reading ‘Gundam 00 Final Analysis’

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