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SRT OG Saga: Towards The Western Frontier


Xiao-Mu Isn’t Slowing Down, And Neither Are Atlus And the SRT OG Saga

Initially I wasn’t going to say much about this, but since I’ve noticed the upswing in readership for this article with the news of the western release for SRT OG Saga: Endless Frontier I now feel compelled to say something about it.  First of all am I surprised that is being released by Atlus?  No, not really.  I figured that  they had probably retained the SRW license from releasing OG’s 1 and 2 a couple of years back or at the very least retained an interest in it (Extensive dubbing that OGS on PS2 would require aside of course) and this is exactly the type of game Atlus prefers to release.  It’s niche, in demand and well….contains a lot of fanservice which is one of Atlus’ things as of late.  Continue reading ‘SRT OG Saga: Towards The Western Frontier’

So I Just Finished Super Robot Wars MX Tonight

No that isn’t really what this topic is about.  It’s a Super Robot Wars based topic, that much is true, but I’m not going to be talking about my stunning victory over AI1.  Instead I’m on about how the last few scenarios really got me thinking about the series I just plain don’t want to see in a Super Robot Wars anymore.  EVER!  I have differing reasons for each and many may not agree with them or perhaps will wonder why I didn’t include certain series on the list, but eh….I don’t know, these particular ones just need to go I think.  Anyway, I’m going to do this Top 10 style since there’s ten of them anyway and I damn well know which ones I want to go more than the next one.  Stay tuned for a special bonus wherein I viciously demand which series need to get back into the games after long hiatuses. Continue reading ‘So I Just Finished Super Robot Wars MX Tonight’

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