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White Album episode 12 ~ “Wait, to wait, wait…it all comes back to pain being exponential to time”

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There is just something about this series that seems to promote the bad side-effects of time on relationships to the viewers and sure enough I think that it is something worth taking note of if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend; time is evil, remember that. Just like always, the episode title this week is inherently linked with the contents of the episode and puts even more stress on the subject of “what is more emotionally painful” to do to your lover when you have been presented with a set of options. The title suggests that “to wait” is an act which out ranks all the other options in cruelty and I have to say, I do agree with that notion. While all the other choices hurt just as much, I feel that the main point here is that long lasting pain is so much more than a short term pain though giving and taking. This effectively relates more to Touya and Yuki’s fragile relationship while the other choices tend to relate more to the other girls (frankly, I think the “deceive” term is quite a nice word to associate with Rina at this point).

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White Album episode 11 ~ “Time heals all wounds? such lies!”

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Oh boy oh boy…It is becoming more and more clear that love in this series slowly drives people crazy when they fail to realise their own feelings. Just as the title suggests, the longer they leave stuff unattended, the worse it will become until you reach the point where you go completely mad, breakdown or bald. This week we finally see more significant movement for the main characters and what appears to be the beginning of the end for their sanity. Neither Touya nor Yuki can escape it now when they are both responsible for the current situation they are in and the ball to destruction has begun to move, it will be interesting to see how much further this can be taken until the thread snaps. In other news, I should have the entry for TOA done later on (with the raw if need be >.>).

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White Album episode 10 ~ “A one-person fight is hollow because of booing fanboys”

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A rather late entry for this episode due to a crappy and stressful week where some people thought it would be a good idea to put all the deadlines on the same day, figures. But nonetheless we have another drama heavy episode from this series and this week it seems like Rina is finally taking fire from all the crap that her brother has been setting up for her. At least she has finally begun to take action but I rather not have it being presented in this painful manner for her. The title for this week’s episode shows Rina fighting a one person fight against her brother, the pressures of stardom and the bitches. The emphasis of this not being loneliness for Rina (as we all know that she is more than enough capable of bitch slapping anyone who puts her down) but rather the pain of being taunted and laughed at…fight on Rina, I will offer you my full support.

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White Album episode 9 ~ “Thought up scenarios never go the way you expect them to”

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And with the drama this week further increasing another 100% (oh how I can’t wait to watch Touya cross that final line…to hell), I am rather glad that the metaphoric title this time round isn’t all that hard to decode, whether it is the right or wrong way to look at it is up to you. Basically the title here says two things about the episode and I think they are rather fitting descriptions for Misaki and Touya’s actions this time round. For Misaki, her scenario that she set up for Touya seemed to work like a charm, if not too good and while it seemed all “nonsense” to Touya (or so we are lead to believe), I am pretty sure that he knows fully well how Misaki feels about him…yet the scenario in his mind (where he got Misaki to go out with Akira) utterly failed…to the point where he destroys everything and ends the scene with the cruelest method possible; by kissing her…

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White Album episode 8 ~ “Time, accomplishments and Love are all connected by a force”

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Wow, the title for this week has gotten deeper yet again and I’m having difficulties trying to think of something to say about it myself. The title certainly tries to link up time with the development of relationships and for Touya, time is certainly running out. Asides from the time running out to help Misaki creating those play props (though he later conveniently forgets about the whole business and preoccupies himself with something else *coughs*; leaving poor Misaki to fend for herself), time is also running out for him to patch things up with Yuki since by now he understands how much he would be holding back Yuki if continues this relationship, or rather, Eiji doesn’t give him much of a choice to think otherwise.

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White Album episode 7 ~ “The image that needs to be kept strong”

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And I am sure that this week’s title also means a lot for this episode although this time round it is less obvious. Not surprisingly I ended up asking myself just what it being meant by the image being built up and have come to the conclusion that it is relating to Touya in a few ways. Yet the one I feel most strongly on is the literal sense of his own “personal image” being built upon as we have in this episode, his damn lies again to someone who is easily smarter than he is. I think it rather outlines his imperfectness as a human being which isn’t anything to stress about, it just brings along a heap load of sweet drama later on.

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White Album episode 6 ~ “The best way to forget your own troubles is to stick your nose into someone else’s”

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Or the above as Touya puts it, what do you think?

(Pushing Tales of the Abyss to a later date to bring you some romance/drama instead).

I think what puts this series really out there apart from a few other of its kind, is the sheer fact that it is so obvious in what it wants the character to do yet at the same time having each characters remain all the more mysterious in why they do what they do. Touya is a classic example of this as we go through his journey of the rollercoaster that is ‘romance’.

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Impressions for winter 2009 ~ Steel cans, Traps and a whole lot of other things.

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What has Klash done to me~~areee~~~

*Coughs* Shamefully this really shouldn’t be tagged first impressions since the trail period should have been way past that but I figured it would just be overkill to make a new impressions tag just for this one post. Alright then, after opting to do things  later rather than sooner (as a part of my usual tradition that has been going on and off)  I will be writing some thoughts on the series I am currently following this season which frankly isn’t many, thankgod. Though rather than giving each series a grade so far since it will be entirely unfair based on my ever fluctuating rating scale depending on how high the moon is up in the sky I will just stick to writing short thoughts for each of the titles (in alphabetical order for your reading enjoyment).

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On the first day of Christmas…Seasons greetings for 2009!

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Breaking out mai waifu for y’all special christmas

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Winter series 2009 ~ Seasons greetings

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And another present at the end of the entry ❤

It’s that time of year again and not, I am not talking about the festival where in english tradition you are roasting chestnuts on an open fire. Even though it is later than usual we are happy to present some thought previews for the coming winter which I am sure will be an entertaining read (if not just for Kaio’s tabits). And as usual I will be getting my lazy self over to THAT blog for their lovely preview images ❤

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