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Yozakura Quartet episode 12 – End ~ The sakura blooms no more

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It is still before midnight on my side so technically a Happy New Year to all you readers out there. It’s not quite the year of the Ox just yet but we will be getting there soon (plus the mention of red envelopes always gets my hands rubbing). Getting back on track I have been putting this off for way to long so here it is. The final episode of Yozakura Quartet…

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Yozakura Quartet episode 11 ~ Massive cannon of doom, goodbye Tokyo Tower

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What the heck? Have they forgotten how to draw faces?

Now this was awesome and it about damn time that a decent fight has occured in this series. Seriously, kyousuke should have been the male lead of the series, not Akina. Kyousuke is a hundred, no, a thousand times the man Akina could ever hoped to be and he has just stolen the spotlight for me. Strong, honorable and loyal, who wouldn’t want a bodyguard like him?

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Yozakura Quartet episode 10 ~ Big white fluffy marshmallowy thing…

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So unthreatening yet so dangerious (oh and the snow flakes from the site makes it look like a snow dino)

Honestly speaking? This was quite a disappointing and boring episode to watch as hardly anything out of the ordinary “depressive” mood established in the previous episode happened and even what minimal bit of action we got was rather lame. I can clearly see no excitement from watching Hime trying to swat a huge white blob like monster with such a small stick in comparison. The thing must have been a few stories tall and Hime was just useless against it…

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Yozakura Quartet episode 9 ~ Rampaging powers

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A tip, don’t annoy this girl D:

So it seems like Akina had more than one chance to banish Enjin to the other world, both of which he just let him go because he felt that Gin could be saved…idiot…

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Yozakura Quartet episode 8 ~ Flying boulders and failing fights

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And I’m not joking about the boulders part ^^’

“Finally, we are about to get a bit of decent action” was what I thought when this episode started but as you can probably guess, this certainly wasn’t what happened…sadly…

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Yozakura Quartet episode 7 ~ Magic water gets you wasted…

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Personally I would never think that way, getting drunk is a waste of time and money

And the interesting piece of Youkai fact for this week is (drum roll) they all get drunk on water, which just begs the question; what do they normally drink then anyway?

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Yozakura Quartet episode 6 ~ Unlimited Machine Gun Works!

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No joke ^^’

I had figured that it might be the case but Enjin’s appearance in front of Ao was really as anticlimatic as I had feared it to be…

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Yozakura Quartet episode 5 ~ Ao’s much ado…

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Nevermind that, why the heck are you in her bed? O.o

To be honest? This episode has to be the weakest one out of what we have seen so far…

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Yozakura Quartet episode 4 ~ Gin Enjin desuu~~

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Another “HAHA” moment for the episode…

Ahaha, the preview this week made me laugh XD
Okay onto more serious matters, it is great to see that some crucial details are finally being revealed…the biggest one of them on being Ao’s brother, or the one we now know as Enjin (engine?) and also former Gin (Silver!).

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Yozakura Quartet episode 3 ~ “High-ho Silver! Away!”

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See? My way of naming titles do make sense

One thing that I think this series is doing correctly at the moment is the fact that the pacing is fairly stable and well balanced with the revealing of character’s personalities and past. The pacing is relaxed and you never feel that it goes either too slow or too fast. This week, it is Hime’s turn to share the spotlight though I don’t think we have seen the best of her yet.

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