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Prism Ark Episode 5 – Priecia’s bad day ~

Better late than never? yea yea I know I’m slow ^^. This week we see the “lows and highs” of Priecia’s training.

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For All You Prism Ark Fans

Now I know some of the Prism Ark fans out there are probably chaffing at the rather lacklustre (bordering on outright butchery) adaptation of Prism Ark as an animation.  That’s why I’ve cooked up a little present for the fans of the game to help take the edge off as they are reading Deathasaurus (As I’m now calling him) blog posts on what may very well become an increasing painful experience for those wishing for a more faithful adaptation (more inside)……  Continue reading ‘For All You Prism Ark Fans’

Prism Ark Episode 3 – Rabid Fangirls and P-P-P-PANTSU!?

My apologies for skipping out the review on episode 2. So, with a new episode comes a new adventure and from the looks of things this could be the redeemer one for the previous two – hopefully it won’t be a disappointment ^^

In a Nutshell: The episode continues with Priecia give Hyaweh hell after what happened at the end of last week’s ep. She shoots countless amounts of magical bullets only to be dodged by Hyaweh without breaking a sweat. The attacks end up causing stray kills as they land into a crowd causing “unwanted” service for the viewer (who am I kidding ^^).

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Confusing no? – Prism Ark Episode 1 First Impression

Well I was going to write a summary for this episode but seen as right no my heads are in the clouds about this, I think I should wait too see what happens in the next episode to decided whether to blog it or not.

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