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Kodomo No Jikan Period 38 (Loli Spa Funtime Adventure)

So Uhhh Rin Or Mimi, Which Is It?

Wow this chapter is short……anyway this time Kodomo No Jikan heads straight back into the less serious and weighty stuff with Rin and co. taking a trip to the spa, lets have a look. Continue reading ‘Kodomo No Jikan Period 38 (Loli Spa Funtime Adventure)’

Kodomo No Jikan Period 37 (Depression, Anxiety, Possible Evil And One Pissed Off Loli)

Seriously RUN!

This has what I’m looking for, lots of Kagami Kuro.  When last we left off Rin had decided that she had to stick by the increasingly obsessive and neurotic Reiji because he “needs her”.  Aoki doesn’t seem to know what to do and we always know what he does when that happens so let’s go talk to Hoin. Continue reading ‘Kodomo No Jikan Period 37 (Depression, Anxiety, Possible Evil And One Pissed Off Loli)’

Kodomo No Jikan Period 36

Hooray For Misleading Title Cards That Have Nothing To Do With The Actual Chapter

We start this chapter from where 35 left off and Aoki is pondering to Shirai is pondering how she has come to like Aoki for being a good man.  Meanwhile Aoki has launched into a tirade about the school board and how he feels it’s an injustice to be called before them merely for looking out for his students best interests.  Things get fiery when Shirai gives him a slap. Continue reading ‘Kodomo No Jikan Period 36’

Kodomo No Jikan Season 2 Announced

For the Lolicon in me there is little better to know that more Kodomo No Jikan with the pint sized Kagami Kuro that manages to stand so tall over everyone else.  Of course Kokonoe Rin is our main girl, but Kagami is the one I simply can’t resist.  If I recall the second season ended around the part where Rin is coping with her dark side after almost pushing Hoin down the stairs.  Continue reading ‘Kodomo No Jikan Season 2 Announced’

Kodomo No Jikan Period 35 (Loli Kramer vs. Kramer)

When last we left our precocious little Kokonoe Rin she was about to meet her father for the first time as he came to seek custody of her from Reiji.  Will this guy be better than the twisted and deluded guardian of our belove Rin or will he turn out to be an uncaring son of a bitch.  It could honestly take a while to find out as this new and unexpected arc continues. Continue reading ‘Kodomo No Jikan Period 35 (Loli Kramer vs. Kramer)’

Kodomo No Jikan Period 34


Yeah, I skipped a lot of chapter summaries in order to get caught up so I can do this monthly so inside I’ll briefly recap what has happened to all the characters sense then. Continue reading ‘Kodomo No Jikan Period 34’

Kodomo No Jikan Period 15


Back again with another Kodomo No Jikan chapter (mostly so I can stay ahead of the anime).  This is about where the Manga starts getting twice as edgy and unsettling, so if you have many doubts, you might want to turn back…… Continue reading ‘Kodomo No Jikan Period 15’

Kodomo No Jikan Period 14 (Loli Knows Best)


After our brief trip through Key/Visual Arts land last episode, things get back to normal for Aoki, Rin and the gang…..well as normal as they ever get……………… Continue reading ‘Kodomo No Jikan Period 14 (Loli Knows Best)’

Kodomo No Jikan Chapter 13 (Second Term)


After our brief trip through Key/Visual Arts Land last chapter, things get back to normal for Rin, Aoki and the gang……well at least as normal as they get in Kodomo No Jikan…….. Continue reading ‘Kodomo No Jikan Chapter 13 (Second Term)’

Drug Induced Ending

As a sort of preview to the other show I plan to blog this season besides Gundam 00, I decided to share what’s inside with people.  I should warn you, it’s probably going to be like a ton of bricks smashing you in the face at once.  Ready? Alright then…… Continue reading ‘Drug Induced Ending’

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