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Sky Girls Episode 12 (Goodbye Obama)

This is actually going to be relatively short and without pictures (there’s nothing really exciting to take pictures of in this episode anyway)….. Continue reading ‘Sky Girls Episode 12 (Goodbye Obama)’

Sky Girls Episode 11 (4th Sky Girl)


Sky Girls Episode 11 is actually a pretty simple affair that I finally got around to seeing.  Firstly the girls are getting ready to finally transfer to the Kouryuu, which arrives at Obama base this episode, and secondly The Sonic Diver team is going to be getting a new team member to join them in full deployment……. Continue reading ‘Sky Girls Episode 11 (4th Sky Girl)’

The Fight Of Your Life (Sky Girls Edition)

Not really an update, just an example of something I like to do in my spare time:


The Sky Girls Have Been Scrambled To Fight Your Party Upon Your Intrusion On Obama Base.  Are You A Bad Enough Dude To Take On Four Little Girls?  Click Here To Find Out

Sky Girls Episode 10 (When There’s Something Strange In Your Neighbourhood)


We last left off on an exciting note, with the girls toppling their first worm and Karen showing she indeed can do something besides ramble about her Onii-chan.  What is next for our pr-e-t-t—-y Sky Girls…….

Continue reading ‘Sky Girls Episode 10 (When There’s Something Strange In Your Neighbourhood)’

Sky Grrl’s Episode 09 (Delta Force)


The episodes name is Delta Lock actually, and with it we finally get to see the action some or all of us have been craving.  Let’s get under way right now then…..

Continue reading ‘Sky Grrl’s Episode 09 (Delta Force)’

Sky Girls Episode 08 (Will The Lolis Stand Up….In…A HOT TUB?! Oh God!)


So last episode was a huge throwaway episode, and this time we apparently have a hot springs episode (do we really need one, I mean they have a nice enough bath on the base).  Oh well at least if the episode goes nowhere we’ll probably at least get some loli fanservice Continue reading ‘Sky Girls Episode 08 (Will The Lolis Stand Up….In…A HOT TUB?! Oh God!)’

Sky Girls Episode 07 (Naming The Pre….Pret..ty..ty Sky Girls)


Summary: Well we’re 7 episodes in and the team realizes that they don’t even have a name yet.  Odds are they’re gonna need one and this is the time to do it….. Continue reading ‘Sky Girls Episode 07 (Naming The Pre….Pret..ty..ty Sky Girls)’

Sky Girls Episode 06 (The Great Bra Caper)


So last episode of Sky Girls people were dealing with Deathkillz and an aerial demonstration with a cliffhanger ending that implied that the worms were back.  Now we have me, fresh off of dropping Lucky Star from my blogging list after it turned out to contain more self-referencing and advertising then I can handle, and a whole new perspective on Sky Girls.  Can we assume this episode will continue the serious tone set by the ending to the last one….weellllllll let’s just read along and see what happens shall we……. Continue reading ‘Sky Girls Episode 06 (The Great Bra Caper)’

Please to meet you! Zero! ~ Sky Girls Episode 5

Sky Girls is really shaping up to become a great series in my books  while some may find that it is rather slow moving, to me I feel that it is just fight for a high potential, action pack series like this one. I think that patience pays off dearly and soon enough we will see some aliens being blown up in no time ^.^

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In a Nutshell: The episode starts off with a high tension conversation between Togo and Hizuki. It seems that there are orders for the sonic divers to come into use as soon as possible but we hear Togo telling him that it is still too soon for the girls to go into action. Before Togo leaves we hear from Hizuki that if the girls fail in the inspection/demonstration then the sky diver section is to be dismantled. Ichijo hears this and is somewhat stunned. Ichijo tries to ask him what the commander meant but Togo tells her to forget about it. Continue reading ‘Please to meet you! Zero! ~ Sky Girls Episode 5’

FLY! ~ Sky Girls Episode 3

Being fashionably late as always I bring a rough summary of sky girls episode 3 O.O (as usual I apologize for any wrong points/assumptions I make).

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In a Nutshell: The sonic diver trio is briefed on the workings of their motion suit and how the nanoskins will be able to protect them in battle. Later they get changed into their suits for a simulator practice. Otoha calls Ichijo by her first name which annoys the girl. And so their training soon starts with Otoha and Karen pretty much failing on their first try. Ichijo on the other hand seems to be a natural. Continue reading ‘FLY! ~ Sky Girls Episode 3’

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