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Full Metal Panic Triology Review (Part 1: Full Metal Panic!)

Last night I had the chance to witness what I think was the single weakest review stemming from biased influence that I have seen in a good long time.  The topic was the Full Metal Panic triology and it was the final straw for me, I have to give my own say on the series now.  It’s sadly unfortunate that every triology review of this series that I have seen seems to say the exact same thing and play on the same old popular notions and assumptions about them and is so blatantly influenced by the runaway popularity of Kyoto Animation versus the increasingly unpopular Gonzo in ways that aren’t even related to the way the series played out themselves.  Just what I previously talked about as the stock response. 

That is why in this triology of reviews I will be trying to give a new perspective on the FMP triology and the concept of studio involvement will be removed from consideration as I just try to look at the basics of what I feel make up each series strongest and weakest elements.  Be aware again that this is not going to be your typical review that you normally would see of the Full Metal Panic Triology.  I’ll even say right now that the first series is going to be the highest rated versus Fumoffou and Second Raid, so that should already give one a hint that I’m looking at all this differently.  That said if that type of thing is not your cup of tea or if you are looking for any reinforcement of commonly held beliefs, it’s probably best to look elsewhere.  Alright then, let’s look at Full Metal Panic! Continue reading ‘Full Metal Panic Triology Review (Part 1: Full Metal Panic!)’

August 2022