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Ga-Rei Zero episode 12 – End ~ Last paradise

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Get your tissues ready

In a nutshell, quite easily one of the best endings seen this autumn season and I am glad that they went out with a bang. Yomi has to be one of the biggest tragic characters of the year, Kagura being the most depressive (if you don’t consider a certain character from ef~ to be so).

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Ga-Rei Zero episode 11 ~ First it’s bike fu, now it’s wheelchair fu

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The epic has already begun!

So if you thought that bike fu was epic and awesome from Natsuki then you should now know who taught her her moves after watching this episode…as unbelievable as it seems the origination of bike fu might just probably be taken from from the long lost ancient art of wheelchair fu!

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Ga-Rei Zero episode 10 ~ deja vu and a dance with death

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Hmm…where have I seen this before?

Awesome! It was about time that the story finally picked up from where episode two left off and even though it still hasn’t past the point even with this episode, I was glad to see that they added more information to the reused scenes from episode two. Though the transition between the past and present was horribly done and frankly quite confusing…for a while I thought that the writers screwed up on the entire timeskip before finding out that it was actually working as intended.

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Ga-Rei Zero episode 9 ~ The end has begun

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Truly heartbreaking ;____________;

So what are the chances that Yomi managed to survive that attack. Well nevermind that it seems like this is the end for the Yomi we all know and love that is…heck scratch that, I will still love here even when she turns into dark!Yomi though the characters in the series will no longer feel the same way (asides from Kagura who’s shred of compassion caused her “death” in episode two).

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Ga-Rei Zero episode 8 ~ Doom descends

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A moment of silence please~

Well what do you know, it seem as those dry spells are finally over and we can get down to some serious F business with this series. Now that the introductions and setups are pretty much all over, it is soon time for the series to catch up to where the second episode left off. Still not quite there yet even with this episode but I have to admit; the action kicks ass!

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Ga-Rei Zero episode 7 ~ Fickle friendship…

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Shat bricks?

Oh come on, seriously. Kagura’s so called friend was just being such a bitch in this episode even when she can clearly see that she was being tortured by the incident from the previous episode…

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Ga-Rei Zero episode 6 ~ Back into the action…

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Laugh and smile while you can as they will soon turn into salty tears…

Now finally, an episode which reminds me why I am blogging this series in the first place as it brings back two very important factors into the storyline; 1) Battles with great fight scenes and 2) Sheer WTF-ness (though no where enough to top the first two episodes, at least this one is the closest to date).

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Ga-Rei Zero episode 5 ~ “Real men don’t slap girls” >.>

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Right into the valley of happiness!

Yep, you heard me…and I think that Nori deserved every bit of punishment he recieved from Yomi just because he is an annoying jerk who can’t see true beauty even when forced under his nose, just go back to your ferret pals why don’t you? >.>
Better yet, it seems like Iwahata has a thing for him too as well as Kazu (fufufufu~ Iwahata is much more of a playboy than ferret boy *rolleyes*).

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Ga-Rei Zero episode 4 ~ Yuri, Yaoi and anti evil knuckles

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Why focus solely on the Yuri when you can have some Yaoi instead?

And with this, I think the premise of this series is pretty much set into stone. So what I though was going to be a good and unique series has now been degraded to just being medicore. Where did it all go wrong? Well part of the fault has to lie with the fact that the OP for this series has finally been shown…

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Ga-Rei Zero episode 3 ~ Sisterly love = Yomi love

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Not a bad starting point for a relationship, huh?

Three years ago on that day…three years ago…actually, I was rather surprised that the flashback in this episode was only three years back. I was naturally expecting the time gap to be a bit more but this isn’t really a big problem. All that it means is that the transformation from the lovely onee sama Yomi we see in the past to her killing psychotic self at present time happened quite suddenly. No wonder why kagura was still gobsmacked when she first saw her back in episode 2.

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