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Princess Lover: episode 7


The horrors that lurk in the dungeons of Arima scientists.

One of the things i never really expected the show to expand on much was the assassination subplot of Teppei’s parents, beyond using it as a setup for the current plot. Political backstabbing on a national scale certainly didn’t seem to be up on the menu either. So you can color me surprised when this episode put both of those in a fairly prominent role. Even if the political dealings didn’t make as much sense as it should have if they are going to present it as a major plot point, it was still interesting to see the show undergo quite the mood change in one episode, trying to be much more serious than it usually is. Unexpected developments, but i am very much looking towards to see where it allows them to take the story in the long run, plot wise.

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Princess Lover: episode 5


I have found your apprentice, Zero!

After a subpar episode 3, and episode 4 so tediously boring i didn’t even want to talk about it (And being Seika focused didn’t help) episode 5 seems to have regained the wind that was lost during the last two episodes. A fair amount of character development, some much needed depth for Sylvia and Charlotte (Because it should be painfully obvious these two are the ones that matter), some expectable (which doesn’t make it bad) foreshadowing and possibly even some overall progress (or setup for one) in the relationship front. They even seem to have gambled back the budget that was seemingly lost during episode 3, so the episode looked visually appealing as well. As a date episode it is quite Charlotte/Teppei centric, but they used this time well; if the series keep up on such a note that will make me a happy camper.

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Princess Lover: episode 3


How to be a creepy gentleman

Picking up where the last episode ended, we jump straight to the duel between Teppei and Sylvia. I am not sure what i was expecting, but it ended up less impressive than said expectations, and slightly overdramatically silly, but that is fine i guess – not like one should be expecting actual fencing lesson from this anime. What was not fine though was the animation effort – i am not sure what happened here, but it certainly looked like the main animator was taking many breaks during the episode with some borderline QUALITY moments, or they had blown all their budget on the commendably animated first two episodes. Either way, this episode didn’t look nearly as good as the first two did, and movement itself was lacking. Along with some missmatched BGM, this episode certainly lacked the overall feel that made me appreciate the first two.

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Princess Lover: Episode 2

Where could i have possibly seen this before ..

With a title that seems like it has come from the Bible of Generic Harems and a cover image that does nothing in disproving said theory, i can certainly see why many would have chosen to skip said series in fears of it being just as seemingly advertised – i wasn’t putting any great hopes on the composition either. 2 episodes in to the series though, i might just have to revise that opinion. I mean, yes – it is still harem (Not yet …but getting there), it still incorporates plenty of the usual elements and fanservice that come with the territory and the test-and-tried school setup, but at the same times it also manages to avoid in falling in many of the usual critical pitfall cliches, actually has one of the rare specimens that appears to be a decent male lead, a bit of unexpected political skulduggery in the plot setup (Whether they expand on it is yet to be seen though, or will it be drowned out as the school life hits full force), and a quite likable pink haired princess. And a Wakamoto voiced grandpa.

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Summer series 2009 Preview ~ Hope no seagulls are crying

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With the Spring season ending in a blink of an eye, we are once again back in the summer period and thus brings us a new batch of series to watch. Surprisingly, compared to last year there isn’t that many titles coming out this season (which is a blessing to some…*points to self) with 18 titles being covered in this preview. As usual laziness gets the better of me and the source for the pictures are taken from THAT Blog where you get more information on the series. Without further ado lets start things off with the first of this season’s titles…

All right so it’s like this.  Every season new shows come out and every season somebody goes all, “Blarg, this whole season sucks and there’s nothing worth watching”.  K, what you gotta do is look harder, cause last season looked pretty meh at first and everybody did the thing, but then like I found 6 new series right out of that season too watch.  That’s like better than average or something.  You be asking yourself why I’m talking like this, and truth is I don’t know, just sorta came out.  Anyway, this seasons a little shorter than average when it comes to the list of new shows, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something worth finding.

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Straight Up Saturdays (A Chat With Skyfall On International Hockey)


Latvians May Wear Moose Antler’s On Their Heads When Attending Hockey Games, But As A Representative Of Canada I Prove I Can Make Just As Much Of An Ass Of Myself Over Hockey In Other Ways

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Spring 2009 Series Preview – No Funny Business


Memories of Green ~ The Spring 2009 Season Is Here At Anime History This Saint Patrick’s Day Weekend.

Every 3 months I do one of these….every three months, and now I’m doing the grunt work too.  Last time I tried to do my review in jest along with some researched observations and got flamed for it in the process sooooo…..I think I’m going to just go ahead and do that again this time too because I enjoy fooling around as much as I do intellectual debate and besides……it’s funner to kid.  With that in mind don’t take anything I write from this point on too seriously because if you take that famous saying in reverse, “fool you once shame on me, fool you twice, shame on you.”

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Fortune Arterial – a luxorious school, student council and … vampires.

A high class highschool on a remote island, fated reunions, new encounters and a touch of vampire mystery. I guess that about sums up the basic premise of Fortune Arterial in one sentence. Obviously sounds like the usual formula we have seen done to death a dozen times, but, what do you know – this one is done right. Having heard plenty of good references about the title i decided to finally sit down and give it a go myself, and the end result is a very pleasant surprise. I am not one to easily hand out praise, but when the credits of the True End started to roll, i was willing to stand up and applaud the writers for a rather exemplary piece of writing. The way all the individual story paths came together in the end, the way all the details fell in to place and the fact they actually explored aspects that are usually taken for granted in vampire stories, such as bloodlust and reasons behind it, as well as other relevant aspects, and the very origins of said vampires – things i had long since given up on in vampire stories, makes Fortune Arterial one of (if not THE) my favorite pieces of vampire fictions up to date.

PhotobucketWelcome to Shuchikan Academy

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Kara no Kyoukai 4: The Hollow

*Stops rocking back and forth in a corner* It is here! *cough*
With the painstakingly long wait (at least for me) over, we can finally enjoy the fourth movie of this high quality production by ufotable. While overall it doesn’t offer as much action as many no doubt would like to see, it certainly doesn’t fail to deliver in the other aspects more than making up for that ‘loss’, as well as filling us in with the missing piece of timeline – what transpired after the events of movie 2. This one picks up where the second movie left off – Shiki just having suffered in a traffic accident after having chased Kokuto out on the road.


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ef – a tale of meodies | episode 02

The story of ef moves onward, as does the developing relationship between Mizuki and Kuze, as the two spend another day together by Mizuki’s initiative. Meanwhile, on the other side of the spectrum, the long awaited past between the pragmatic Yuu and elusive Yuuko finally begins to unfold, slowly bringing to light the elements that bind the two of the more mysterious characters of this story.

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